Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Devil's Kitchen 2013 - It's going to be massive!

The Devil’s Kitchen Music Festival started in 2005 and quickly became a staple in the Australian kick arse live music scene. Showcasing loads of Australian stoner, doom and sludge bands amongst other styles. Drawing along the way massive international headliner Winnebago Deal (UK) and Aussie acts like Rollerball, Cockfight Shootout, Giants of Science and loads more.

2013 is set to be the biggest yet! I am so damn excited I have already stopped wearing pants!

Check out below for quotes from some of the bands playing the fest, the dates and complete line ups and a few clips from some of the hottest bands in the world!

Devil’s Kitchen is also in the latest issue of HEAVY Mag and a Q&A with founder Skye Bird is also about to hit HEAVY online very soon.

Devil's Kitchen Music Festival online.

I asked some of the bands on the different line ups one question...
What are you most looking forward to when you play DK13?

Matt Young - vocals – King Parrot:
“I'm looking forward to outdoing Mikey from Mammoth Mammoth's stage antics. I heard he is going nude, so I'm going to skin myself.”

Bones – drums – Mammoth Mammoth:
“This whole Festival will be more awesome than Gods's tits! Our intention is to create so much good-time-murder-fuzz that a hole appears in the sky and God and Satan take turns fucking that hole! Failing that, seeing if Mikey will put his head through the beer garden window again.”

Andy Simpson - bassist / guitarist (depending what day of the week it is...) and vocalist – Don Fernando:
“Really looking forward to rubbing our balls all over Liam Cuffley's drum stool.”

Liam Cuffley - drums - My Left Boot:
"I'm looking forward to rubbing my balls on the same areas of my drum stool that Don Fernando have rubbed theirs on, only harder. Whilst also seeing a good percentage of my favourite bands all in one place."

Jon Russo – guitarist - Chainsaw Hookers:
“Chainsaw Hookers are keen as to play The Tote with a group of Australia's finest hard rock bands, gonna party on down in Hellbourne town!”

Nathan Smith – bass / vocals - BMX RAY (DK13 Artist!):
“Tearing The Tote a new clacker with a great line up of bands. We are even more excited than big Kev!”

Raul Sanchez  - vocals / guitar - River Of Snakes:
“We are looking forward to actually playing the show and spending large with our tonnes of $$.. Fuck yeah!!”

Clair Sargent – vocals – The Sure Fire Midnights:
“Getting to see some rad bands I've heard but haven't seen live before and catching up with Squiz from King Parrot... he's a national treasure...”

Tal Wallace – singer / guitarist - The Smokestack Orchestra:
"I am looking forward to seeing Giants of Science front man Ben Salter take off his sensitive folk hat and pull on his unwashed t-shirt of rock and roll. It will also be great to catch up with old friends like Richie, Ralph Malph and the Fonz."

James Hilan – guitar / vocals – Slow Riots:
“We are most looking forward to [our manager/DK promoter] David Norris's inevitable stress-induced heart attack... hopefully it happens during the show and not before.”

Dan Roberts – guitar – Dead End Kings:
“Honestly just being invited! We don't get out to people's places much and to get to play in someones ACTUAL kitchen..... what its not a real kitchen??? Fuck! Well we're looking forward to making music cakes and pies up on stage and outdoing those pesky STONE FOX lads! They think they're so cool!”

Malcolm McDowell - guitar - We Are Gamma:
"I heard there is nudity."

Full line up and dates:

Sat 5th Jan
The Tote
Sat 12th Jan
The Bald Faced Stag
Sat 19th Jan
The Beetle Bar
King Parrot
Mammoth Mammoth
Chainsaw Hookers (WA)
Wicked City
Kids Of Zoo
River Of Snakes
My Left Boot
The Sure Fire Midnights (WA)
Don Fernando
We Are Gamma

$27 + BF
$30 on the door.
Nunchukka Superfly
King Parrot (VIC)
Chainsaw Hookers (WA)
Wicked City (VIC)
Mother Mars
The Sure Fire Midnights (WA)
Adrift For Days
We Are Gamma (VIC)
The Bloody Kids
Battle Pope
Witch Fight

$25 + BF
$30 on the door.
Giants Of Science
The Blackwater Fever
King Parrot (VIC)
The Smokestack Orchestra
Death Valley Nights
Dead End Kings
Slow Riots
Sons Of The Soil
The Stone Fox

$25 + BF
$30 on the door.

All tickets will be sold through oztix online soon... stay tuned... 

King Parrot - Epileptic Butcher

Mammoth Mammoth - Hell's Likely

Chainsaw Hookers - Never Sleep Again

River Of Snakes - Bad Blood

Melbourne Poster.