Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kyuss' 'Blues For The Red Sun' 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Kicking back on my bed in my haze filled room. Scanning through the posters on my ceiling, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Butthole Surfers, Syd Barrett, Jane's Addiction, Magic Dirt, all smiling down on me. I can feel the bass rumble up through the floorboards, it's vibrating throughout the depths of my soul. My blown out body gazing out into the universe as Kyuss fills the space and carries me away....

I have had so many days and so many nights of Kyuss... 50 Million Year Trips that open my eyes wide and expand my mind. There is nothing else, there is only one Kyuss. 

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Blue For The Red Sun, Kyuss' second release under their shortened moniker, The Cherry Bar opened its doors to the psychedelic love of Matt Sonic & The High Times with guest vocalist Chappy from My Left Boot... but before we get to that...

Battle Axe Howlers, a mixture of lads from Anglesea and Sunbury opened the night. The last and only time I saw them was when they opened for the mighty Mammoth Mammoth and they rocked. I was keen to see how they were a year later... and they fuckin blew everyone away. Some tight as riffs and killer songs really impressed but it was the spitting silhouette image of Brant Bjork mixed with the Aussie pub rock'n'raspy vocals of John Garcia of singer Diesel that was the stand out. Battle Axe Howlers were the perfect openers for the night. Awesome.

James Young, co-owner of the bar, got up to introduce the tribute to a completely packed to the roof Cherry... the punters were pumped and the band already had smiles on their faces. The energy was almost like we were seeing Kyuss back in the day. I have been to a few tribute nights but this was something special....

The guitars started softly... the volume rose slowly throughout the room... then fuckin BOOM!!! 'Thumb' kicked in wholeheartedly and it was fuckin on!!! When a band covers an iconic song it can be a scary feat to try and pull off. Fans know every nuance, every bend, every yeah. Matt Sonic & The High Times had only rehearsed this album four times but they fuckin nailed it. Two guitars as well gave it so much punch! Guest vocalist Chappy from My Left Boot may very well have been under the most pressure. All the Kyuss members sounds and style are so well known but that distinctive Garcia vocal is pretty damn impressive. Chappy sounded like he'd be singing those songs for years, he did it more than proud.

You would expect it not to be 100% perfect Kyuss as no one can do that, not even Kyuss Lives (insert fiery fueled argument between rivalling Kyuss / Kyuss Lives factions) but the band were right onto every part of it, they played from their heart, with smiles on their faces at times as they felt the love beaming back at them from the room. This was a tribute of the highest honour as they really did fuckin nail it. How many times should I say that?!! The sound, the vibe, the groove, it was all fuckin immense. All we can now hope for is that the Cherry and the band hook up again for tributes to Sky Valley & Circus...

Battle Axe Howlers: I don't know their song names but every song just kept getting better... can't wait to see them again and be able to grab something from them on vinyl. Good shit guys!

Matt Sonic & The High Times with Chappy: Thumb, Freedom Run, Allen's Wrench, well all of it! Interesting watching Chappy trying to deal with the mic lead tangled with the dude's dreads at the front during Mondo Generator... he kept head banging more and more and it just kept getting tangled! A special mention to Red (Cherry sound) who celebrated his 40th Birthday by way of singing Thong Song up on stage! You rocked the shit out of that song Red! Thanx dude! Happy Birthday!

Well done to all involved in the night.  "YEAH!!!"

Matt Sonic & The High Times
My Left Boot
Battle Axe Howlers
Cherry Bar
FB event for the night...

oh yeah, photo's courtesy of my iPhone... please forgive them!!!

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