Wednesday, August 1, 2012


After taking some time off from reviewing due to reasons you wouldn’t give a shit about, I am so far behind now that it’s easier just to assume a new identity as an illegal immigrant and become a fruit picker in the Hunter Valley.

Unfortunately the fruit picking season for idiot savants hasn’t started so I am now forced to try and catch back up somehow. Keeping up the natural order of progression, I picked up one of the latest CD’s I received first from a Melbourne band. This EP comes highly recommended, but really, in this day and age when people are still buying Nickelback albums what the hell does that mean anyway.

I don’t know if it’s relevant to let you know that Drifter’s HEAD EP was recorded by the one and only Jason PC of Blood Duster fame at his Goatsound studio, or if it will have the same impact to let you tree hugging hermaphrodites know that the cover and insert is printed on recycled stock, but as a reviewer it’s my job to let you know the important things. Although I might as well be mouthing off about a Unida and Sasquatch gig in Palm Springs that’s only 3 dollars or some seemingly unrelated topic like how schools are getting rid of books in favour of using readers and eBooks for the kids.

It’s all somehow related, the future, the past… what’s coming and what’s been. And just like you Drifter simply don’t seem to care about what style of music they deliver and have made a blistering release that can’t be genre-fied or labeled other than in the category of ‘HELL YEAH!’. I can’t figure out if they are way ahead of their time or so far behind. For me their songs scream 80’s and early 90’s kick arse pub rock and like a dart to the head of your ex I fuckin love it. I wanna ring up my mates and get down to the local and rack up a game of pool. But these guys are no rip off, they aren’t even close. They are the real deal. This might have been recorded back then and only just released. How the fuck would you know? Dan’s mullet is testament to that! They are so right in there that they probably gave birth to the Cosmic Psycho’s while shotgunning VB’s at a cattle muster.

Some bands hate being compared to others, well I’m not comparing. If I was I’d be saying they were like a beer hat with room for a six pack and not a fuckin pink tennis visor. So rather than ramble on like some pastel coloured denim jeans and fedora wearing hipster fresh off a teenage internet show, I’m going to mention a whole lot of bands that might just not make any sense but if you like, you’d dig Drifter cause they make ya wanna shag ya misses in the back of ya ute at the local footy. It’s that’s fuckin good.

Cosmic Psychos
Violent Femmes
The Godfathers
Radio Birdman
The Screaming Tribesmen
Celibate Rifles
The 3Ds
Magic Dirt
NoMeansNo w/ Jello Biafra
Proton Energy Pills
Psychotic Turnbuckles

SST stuff... Alternative Tentacles, Red Eye, Waterfront, Sub Pop.
Whatever. Shut up I am just listing stuff now to fill space. Watch this.


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