Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DEAD, Hotel Wrecking City Traders, Spider Goat Canyon.

Rather than stay in and watch reruns of NCIS, I thought I would better spend my time repenting my sins against humanity by way of kick arse music.

I headed down to the trying ever so hard to be street poster free streets of Northcote for my hit of Monday Night Mass.

Three bands on the bill. Three bands playing a night well below their weight. And I mean weighty in terms of depth, emotion, ferocity, originality and raw fuckin talent.

DEAD, Hotel Wrecking City Traders and Spider Goat Canyon all on one line up together is well worth it.

I haven’t seen Spider Goat Canyon for a while. Deryck's pounding tribal, repetitive beats and crashing cymbals. Atmospheric and ethereal guitars, air raid chaos, apocalyptic, six string farrrrrrrrocity from Steve, mesmerising. Josh's bass in the last song was so disruptive, destructive and distorted. He was going so nuts he ripped the lead right out of the pedal. They are masters of subtle change in emotion. The build is so gentle that you don’t even realise you have reached the summit and circled the stratosphere and then they crash you right back down into the their volcano. Spider Goat Canyon are three solo beasts annihilating the stage though working as one.

One thing I have really dig about Hotel Wrecking City Traders is that they always have a nice loose jam feel whenever I see them play. There can be enough crazy in this two man band for a 10 piece or it can have a cruisier groove, but they always make it seem natural, effortless and it flows from within.

It's like when they play you're not hearing the music from the outside the instruments, the person, you're hearing it from inside of the strings, the sticks, the journey from above Ben's head as they fly through the air to the buzz of Toby's guitar, then come crashing down on the skins, shuddering up through his arms to his heart. That vibration is felt throughout the room before it's heard.

HWCT are fuckin mesmerising, chaotic and beautiful. 25 minutes non stop and then half a breath before sliding into another. No one is sure... is it another song or the same? It's like an open plan kitchen and lounge. One room but not. Separate but sharing the same space. 42 minutes. One piece then peace... though noise soothes the soul.
It started with some cymbal taps and then the bass rumbles in with some feedback. DEAD have begun.

Those that know me know that my passion for music can lead me to get very carried away. I can fall in and out of love with a band easily and when I fall in I jump in wholeheartedly. They would also know that since I first saw DEAD I have been addicted. Jem and Jace are mind blowing at what they do and it's truly evident when you see them on stage. From Jace's jaw dropping string belting vein popping blood curdling chaos through to Jem's need to tape his drums down so they don't run away from the sheer terror they face from each and every beating he delivers. Every set they serve up a feast of only main's and it's scolding hot and set to burn every fuckin time! They are a bulldozing freight train.

I notice the base is dirtier, it has more grunt, like it's been through hell and back just to bring you every note, every chord. Jace has a new pedal, it sounds awesome.

I did appreciate Jem's effort to dress nicely for Monday Night Mass and wear long pants instead of his drumming shorts. Of which it seems there revolves numerous rumours including that they're never washed and that they are in fact made from the skin of Triple J listeners. Unfortunately these are unsubstantiated at this time. Though he did procede to take off his shirt at which time I think Jace realised his Hard-Ons Venom spoof T emblazoned with Goofy in a pentagram was just too much for the old ladies at Mass and he followed suit...

The set finished with some amazing cymbal control fading out to Jace whispering "Everybody shed a tear"... well, admittedly it was pretty moving.

One thing that came out of Monday Night Mass is that I would love to hear a collaboration between DEAD and HWCT. Can you imagine the carnage? The chaos? The beauty? DEAD TRADERS! Bring it on!!

Hotel Wrecking City Traders
Spider Goat Canyon
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Photo's once again courtesy of my not-so-high-quality uber-unreliable iPhone.

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