Thursday, August 23, 2012

BLACK SPACE RIDERS - Light Is The New Black.

I wrote a review of this album some time ago. "Where is it then?" I hear you ask... it didn't quite make it out into the 'real' world so I thought I would kind of review it again. I decided I would open a bottle of Southern, crank some tunes and pull a few random words out of my head...


Crank up your stereo, dip your joint in acid and light it up baby… German heavy psych rockers Black Space Riders have released their second full length release Light Is The New Black. The album is full of warmth and oozes heavy grooves with some mind bending psychedelics.

It starts off with Creature of No Light. A cruisier tune that is drenched in more fuzz than a porn set from the 70’s. Enough said.

Sun vs Moon starts out slow and builds. It’s somber and dark and feels like it’s painting the back drop to a Lynch film. The vocals are thick and rich like that of a story teller… as the instruments build and reel you in the vocals add another great layer and when they scream, you bleed. This is one my favourite tracks on the album, everything just sits so well and plays out like it should. The guitars kick arse and I fuckin love the solo.

Track 3, Digging Down, is reminiscent of AIC in the start, the fuzz and wah but again those vocals make you stop and listen “Dig, dig it down. Dig, dig it down…” Black Space Riders sound is built around hypnotic guitars and grooves. There are all sorts of elements at play here like hard rock, stoner and psych but the more I listen to it the more I can hear classic metal punching through. Yeah the solos may be wah’ed up Cantrell but the vibes and delivery is just guts and attitude.

The track that nails it completely is I Am Fire. This is 'I want to skull a bottle of bourbon and smash it against my fuckin head' good. I Am Fire is made to be exploding out of the speakers in your car as you’re screaming down the highway setting the roadside alight and melting the faces off those you pass… Every album needs this track on it. Without one of these you’ll just be flippin burgers for the rest of your life.

Seems Bowie was dropping ‘ludes when he recorded this song… Steady and hypnotic, dark and bright, We Used To Live In Light is thickly textured and full of atmosphere. Layers of visuals blending and bending and man that little bit of fuzzed out and chunky guitar that comes in at about 4:20 is pure sex.

Next up Lost (Return Into The Void) is for those of you that can’t hold on, that can’t keep up and that need a break to fall back down into your bean bag and chill the hell out. Written on the tip of an acid blotter… “everything is lost… here”.

You know what… I am up to track 6… I have proved two things… 1. I can count. 2. You should go and buy this album. There is still lots more to write about but why should I tell you now if the butler did it or who ran off and lived happily ever after. You need to discover this album for yourself. Black Space Riders have served up an awesome album that follows so many paths and travels in and out of so many sounds that it's always fresh and exciting… as I am typing this I am listening to track 7… it’s extremely cool! Go get the album and let me know what you think...

BLACK SPACE RIDERS - Light Is The New Black is available now on CD and also a kick arse gatefold CD / LP set that also features a bonus track.

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