Friday, May 4, 2012


Why would you run off and join the circus when you can join the PONCHO ARMY!

I have come across this little gem by Wollongong based graphic designer, Trina Collins, who runs Poncho Army.

Trina designs for a range of mediums in a number of styles, including stencil art, visual art, posters & album layouts, illustration, web design, branding & logos and loads more.

As the Poncho Army Facebook page states the inspiration comes from:
'...the terra firma of post-punk and the guts of rock’n'roll tunes, music is the solid base for most of her art. "There is always usually a song in my head when I create a piece of work. If I didn’t have music I would most likely not be producing art… the 2 go hand-in-hand for me”.'

That sounds as sweet as this Shonen Knife print looks!

I was stoked to find it for a couple of reasons...
1. Shonen Knife
2. It looks awesome!
3. My wife loves babushka's.
4. Was stoked that after reading the date is from September 2010, there are still a few left! & for only $15 plus shipping! "Are you fucking mad?" Sometimes... but I didn't set the pricing! I have already placed an order and thought I would share this awesomeness with the rest of the world!

Limited edition of 75 with #1 - 36 signed and numbered. It measures 620mm x 490mm.
Who know's what numbers are left but get on it quick!

For more info on Poncho Army or ordering one of these little gems, check out the Facebook page!

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