Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ironweed - Your World Of Tomorrow.

I've been sorting out my office / music room... or should I be more honest and say it's a room with a pc, desk and music all over the place! I've come across some gems that I haven't been making the most of and cranked for a while!

One being Ironweed's kick arse LP 'Your World Of Tomorrow'. These guys know how to blow minds and speakers. Well worth checking out if you don't already have it in your collection. Of course the guys know what releasing music's all about it, so it also comes on sweet sweet coloured vinyl...

I really dig this written on their Facebook bio page...
"The year is 2011. Multinational corporations with the help of technology and the media have enslaved the population of the planet. CNN, facebook, Itunes & Twitter are just a few of the tools being used to lull the people of earth into complacency. But fear not, a small band of New York's finest veteran rock and rollers is here pummel away at you and wake you from your sheepish tendencies. Just imagine the Matrix with guitars and you'll get the idea. Ironweed is back to save you and 'Your World Tomorrow'."

Ironweed's 'Your World Of Tomorrow' is out now through Magnetic Eye / Small Stone Records.

Ironweed: Facebook
Magnetic Eye Records: Site // Facebook
Small Stone Records: Site // Facebook

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