Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kira Puru & The Bruise - When All Your Love Is Not Enough 7"

Kira Puru & The Bruise 7"
Side A: When All Your Love Is Not Enough
Side B: Apple Tree

“…What to do with my heart?” Well Kira… admittedly you had me from that first sound of your breath into the mic. Kira Puru’s vocals, the music, the soul and vibe that The Bruise create is attention grabbing and mesmerising. You can’t help but imagine their music being played as a female silhouette undresses at the end of a Bond film…

The ‘When All Your Love Is Not Enough’ release seems to have more of a slicker production than their previous Liar EP; a cleaner feel. Not to say the previous EP is in any way badly recorded or mixed, it’s an amazing release in its own right. This new one has the feeling that they were maybe more relaxed when recording, possibly a different team, place, or even what they ate that morning played its roll in the final product. Whatever it is, they haven’t lost their ability to draw you in reeling in emotion and making you want to bleed for love.

The approach sounds more simplistic in how much sound or music there is in each song. Something that’s always stuck with me is when the Chili Peppers were recording Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Flea spoke about how the space between the notes are just as important as the notes themselves, and you can definitely feel that when you are listening to this and reading between the lines. The single is still deep and thickly textured with soulful themes of emotional torment, pain and heart ache and break.

I can easily sit back, close my eyes and feel I am in a back alley smoke filled club, someone brushing past me as they rush to get inside to catch the set. There’s a couple from out of town leaning against the make shift bar and chattering about how there’s nothing like this back home. Looking over to the dance floor you can feel that itchin to hold me close as we dance kinda lovin.

Kira’s voice is soothing and soulful as she shares her memoirs by way of song. The boys in the band provide the perfect emotional backdrop to take you along for the ride. They are Jamieson Shaw – Bass, Chas Jagger – Drums and Geordie Malone on guitar. The ability they possess to control the gentle subtleties of their instruments and your emotions is masterful.

I really do love this band and therefore I guess this is one of those completely biased reviews, but you know what, once you hear them you’ll dig it, once you see them live you’ll know exactly what people mean when they say music oozes sex appeal and can make the hairs on the back of your neck tingle with excitement.

As Kira sings in Apple Tree, “You’re not alone in pain or joy”… that’s because we’re right here with you.

When All Your Love Is Not Enough / Apple Tree 7” is out now!

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