Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Complimentary Headsets 'Now We Are Young' CD...

Now please keep in mind I am an old dude that digs generally heavier music as I am deaf from years of aural abuse.

When I put this CD on the first thing that really stood out was their love of late 70’s / early 80’s 16ths on the hi-hat. That’s fine and I’m sure Youth Group will be supporting these guys at some laneway festival soon enough, but it’s a little happy for my usual taste.

Picture skin tight perfect fit jeans in pastel colours, fringes swished to the side over fake glasses and pencil thin moustaches and you’re on the right track. Gen Y hipsters networking throughout the café’s of inner city Melbourne and loving it!

But the more you listen to this CD you realise there is actually more. I do like depth to my songs and at first it comes across that it’s a bit fluffy but the songs are very well written and perfectly structured. Subtleties trail throughout that make you think that this isn’t the usual run of the mill pretty boys with new Rickenbacker’s, they actually seem to know what they’re doing… well written, well produced.

So I headed off to find out some more. The Complimentary Headsets have supported the likes of Bertie Blackman, Trial Kennedy and Tim Finn, though best of all I dig their genre description on their Facebook page, “Toe-tapping Streetwise Indie-Pop-Rock”. Perfect.

You would expect to hear this in Offspring as Asher’s character Nina is wandering along the beach and day dreaming of her latest love in some awkward romantic moment… the Luna Park rollercoaster would be laughing past her in the background and then some crazy douche in red Speedo’s would knock her over while shooting past on rollerblades… Hang on, what am I talking about?

Oh yes, The Complimentary Headsets new release "Now We Are Young"... I think you'd like it.

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