Thursday, February 9, 2012


Perth blood rockers Chainsaw Hookers have just unleashed their latest clip, 'Never Sleep Again'. It's from their forthcoming self titled debut album which is set to be released in April. The Hooker boys are having such a kick arse year! On last years Soundwave line-up, supports with OFF! and The Misfits amongst others and now the East Coast support with The Exploited! If you haven't checked them out yet, get on it... everyone loves a Hooker!

East Coast dates below where you can catch Chainsaw Hookers supporting the legendary punkers, The Exploited!!!

APRIL 26 @ THE HIFI, BRISBANE - Chainsaw Hookers, The Scam
APRIL 27 @ THE MANNING BAR, SYDNEY - Chainsaw Hookers, Topnovil, skinpin
APRIL 28 @ THE CORNER HOTEL, MELBOURNE - Chainsaw Hookers, Wolfpack

For more info you can also check out the Soundworks Touring site.

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