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Something Sweet's THOSE THAT ROCK 2011 !!!

So what does this photo have to do with anything? I did intend to put up a bit more of a rock influenced photo but it's dress up day every day at our house. So if the Hulk wants to be included... you don't turn him down!

I thought that I would have loads of time to sit and write, catch up on reviews and more after having surgery on both knees about 5 weeks ago. Instead I've found myself annoying everyone with my constant Facebook posts and becoming way too addicted to MacGyver for my own good. Finally I feel it's time to start posting a few things I should have already long done... starting with Something Sweet's THOSE THAT ROCK 2011 list.

I am not doing the normal list like everyone does. There have been so many amazing gigs and releases this year, new bands I've been introduced to and some kick arse local muso's I've gotten to know. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC SCENE! Damn straight! So how do you write a Top 10? Pffft... I don't know... who gives a shit anyway?!! It's my list right!! So I started with the top few and then just insert your own number from then on... whatever... they're all good! I have to add that #1 slipped in right at the end and snatched the top spot! Maybe because it's the flavour of the month and I can't stop playing it... or maybe just because it absolutely kicks arse!

Each year I think I should have a best of list to add to as we go through the months. Each year I don't and I forget loads of amazing releases... so here is what my memory will allow of itself to remember for now...


1. Black Rainbows - Supermothafuzzalicious.
I seriously can' get enough of these guys at the moment. Heavy psych rock from Rome, Italy. They've got kick arse tracks and some catchy riffs that'll get you rockin in no time at all. BIG FAN! I am new to the Black Rainbows camp but man, I have reserved myself a permanent place to stay! Everyone I know that plays their tunes really digs them and feels the same. Jump in with your heart and soul and get taken away on rockin ride! 

2. River Of Snakes - Bad Blood.
The highlight for me over the last year has been getting out to loads of local gigs in Melbourne and really getting to know some amazing Melbourne bands. ROS are definitely one of them. Oh so dirty and filled with fuzz. They're a throwback from the gutter of the 90's. Some of the guitars are so dirty that I feel like two-bit whore at the end of the set... and that's exactly how you should feel, totally spent like you've fucked your heart out.

Another Melbourne band. Sludgey doom ridden rawk. Punk fuelled and totally out there on their own. It's a MASSIVE LP! Especially for just a two piece. Bass and drums. But don't be fooled, they are heavy and with an incredible presence live that is an entirely new experience from anything you've ever seen before. Released through WeEmptyRooms, well worth adding everything from the label into your collection!

KNALL are a psychedelic, fuzzed out, stoner improv band from Cologne, Germany. It seems everything they touch is drenched in a 60's acid haze with a 70's edge. I dig everything they do. I get the feeling that there must be hours and hours of recorded material that will never see the light of day. Recordings of freaked out jams that would send us out into a spaced out heaven, makes you feel like your in the acid on Hendrix's tongue.

Adalita - Self titled debut. Australian rock goddess Adalita, Magic Dirt's singer and guitarist, opened up her heart and soul and let us all in for the ride. Stripped back guitars and vocals a world away from the 90's drenched distortion and feedback that we're used to hearing in her band. Adalita's solo shows are jaw-dropping. From the first strum the room holds their mouths agape as not a sound escapes until the cheers between songs. This solo album is long overdue but well well worth the wait. I feel this one will go down as one of the greatest Australian albums of all time. Adalita also released The Repairer / Hot Air 7" through the UK's The Passport Label (which features Australian artists).

Ironweed... maaan, you should just buy their latest album Your World Of Tomorrow. It seems that everything guitarist Mike Vitali touches turns to gold. I really dig it all. He creates music with some very varied styles and this is the stand out for sure. Kick arse album out through Magnetic Eye Records / Small Stone Records. Beautiful sleeve art and coloured vinyl... (Insert Homer Simpson drooling sounds here). DOn't get me wrong, it's not all about Mike, the rest of the band can definitely hold their own! But while you're there, also check out Mike's other bands Carcinogenic Corpse & Love Kiss...

There are some killer bands coming out of Perth at the moment and two that have been consistantly blowing minds are Chainsaw Hookers and The Devil Rides Out.

The Hookers have just released the Texas is Hell 7" and CD to rave reviews and their self labelled style of Blood Rock fits perfectly. Their shows are full of energy and non stop ball tearing music! They have had a massive year supporting the likes of OFF!, Misfits, Guitar Wolf, Horrorpops, Mad Sin and playing Soundwave.

The Devil Rides Out are a force to be reckoned with. With each release they grow stronger and tighter as a band and The Heart & The Crown is by far their best yet and it truly is fuckin awesome from beginning to end. The highlight for me is track 3 'Hard Love'. A cruisier whiskey soaked blues number with Joey's vocals really rasping out. The distortion is awesome and your drunken head can sway perfectly in time...

FANGS - Monsters / Government Paycheck single. Fangs released their full-length The Junkyard at the beginning of 2011 and backed it up with the Monsters single at the end of the year. From garage to indie to just punked up mayhem, Fangs rock the shit out of every gig they play. First time I saw them was in a room with some young late teen looking hipsters that were too scared to move and just standing still in case it messed up their hair. I wanted to beat them with their VANS lo-tops and shake some sense into them. It was a disgusting display of missing out on something amazing as they were too worried about their precious peers watching them. Since then they have played in front of more suitable crowds and the Meanies gig at The Old Bar was especially awesome! Between those two releases has seen Fangs following grow immensely and this is definitely a band to keep your eye on.

Seedy Jeezus - Stealing Someone Else's Crowd - Somewhere between Jimi Hendrix and Fugazi's Ian MacKaye sit Seedy Jeezus. A reckless bunch of crazies that you can't help but befriend and have to take them home to introduce them to your Mum... just to freak her out of course. Every gig is mind blowing with some killer guitars and a drummer that not only has an awesome style but also looks like the love child of Spike (the lanky awkward dude from Notting Hill) and Jesus Christ. This release is very limited and has a hand screened foldout sleeve. Beautiful!

Kira Puru & The Bruise - The Liar. I was introduced to this band by way of covering this release for the awesome Z-Man Records. Instantly blown away by the sounds coming out of the speakers. Soulful and sexy vocals over cruisier blues or rockin guitars. The Bruise take you through several styles, all of which are amazing. When we got to see them live, wow. JUST WOW! They ooze sex appeal and are all brilliant muso's. I cannot recommend seeing them enough!

1. Kyuss Lives
2. Kyuss Lives
3. Kyuss Lives
4. Kyuss Lives
5. Kyuss Lives
6. Kyuss Lives

(Photo: Kyuss Lives @ Amplifier / Capitol in Perth. Of course I was up the front!)

Honourable mentions... Foo Fighters was kick arse standing side stage (Thanx DUFBAUM!), MAMMOTH MAMMOTH (of course... sheesh!), River Of Snakes, DEAD, Seedy Jeezus, Sebadoh, Adam Harding, Meanies, Tumbleweed, oh Kira Puru & The Bruise was amazing! Fourteen Nights At Sea, Adalita, Amaya Laucirica, Hoodoo Gurus, Mark Lanegan, Isobel Campbell, QOTSA doing their self titled debut from beginning to end! HELL YEAH! Scul Hazzards, The Peep Tempel, Helmet, Mighty Elk, Motley Crue, Muscle Car, Budd, Craig Westwood, Fangs, Hard-Ons, The Bronx, Melvins, Slash, Gang Of Four were totally kick arse, Social Distortion, High On Fire fuckin blew my mind, Hotel Wrecking City TradersTool... this list could go on forever!

Perth blood rockers CHAINSAW HOOKERS had some gigs planned in Melbourne last June but due to the flight cancellations from the volcano ash coming from Chile they were stranded here. I honestly can't remember how many gigs they played, I saw half of them. I think it was something like 8 in 6 days or something... Now Chainsaw Hookers are a kick arse band who rock and give it their all but when guitarist ( I wont mention Jon's name to save him from continued embarrassment) drunkenly jumped from the stage and got his leg tangled in a bar stool and then fell on the floor, well it was fuckin hilarious! Stoked I captured him on the way down! Completely to his drunken credit though, he didn't miss a note!

1. The Old Bar (Melbourne)

Honourable mentions... The fucking TOTE! (Melbourne), Cherry Bar (Melbourne), Tivoli (BrisVegas), Amplifier / Capitol (Perth).

Thornbury Records (Melbourne, Australia) & Vinyl Grove (The Hague, Netherlands)

Blown Music (Melbourne), WeEmptyRooms (Melbourne), Bro Fidelity Records (Melbourne), Magnetic Eye Records (Albany, NY. USA), Tenzenmen (Sydney), Small Stone Records (Detroit, MI. USA), Munted Records (Melbourne), Z-Man Records (Melbourne), Heavy Psych Sounds (Rome, Italy), The Passport Label (UK), R.A.I.G. (Moscow), Sulatron Records (Germany).

It was never going to live up to the usual hype and going off their recent history and style of releases, it fits in well but what an absolute complete and utter watered down and filled with drivel piece of crap is I'm With You by the so-called masters of funk, punk and mayhem, the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Those that know me would know how obsessed I am with John Frusciante and classic Chili Peppers but this album for me just didn't connect. Josh Klinghoffer is an amazing guitarist and I loved it when he toured last with RHCP as a fifth member but it's like Dave Navarro all over again. It was suggested to me by a friend to listen to the album like it's just a release from any old band and take it as that, not a new album from the Chili Peppers. Well, maybe in time I will do that but unfortunately for now it's filed next to One Hot Minute.

Here's my reworked graphic of the album...

Check out my review on The 59th Sound
to read why it's appropriate!!!

If I've forgotten something, which I know I have... just post your complaints at the bottom. ROCK!!!

Oh and check these bands out too... Nudist Colonies of The World, Destroy She SaidGraveyardRwake, Dustaphonics, Oholics, Elvis Deluxe, Fister, Bandito, Admiral Browning, The Re-Stoned, Howlin' Widow, Electric Moon, Sula Basanna, Spider Goat Canyon, Speed Demons, Jaq Gallier, Chelsea Wolfe.

If you've stuck with me until the end... go pour yourself a drink.. you've earned it!


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You forgot to mention LuLu, haha

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I just didn't have the right words to say just how amazing it is... BLRRRCH!

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Proud as fuck I am.!!! Thanks man.

Seedy Jeezus Loves you.

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I love being Seedy!