Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Paul Stanley & KISS Australian Tour 2013!!?

Happy 60th Birthday Paul Stanley! No wonder you are still wearing make up! You've replaced a couple of the others, when are you and Gene going to step aside? Maybe Sam Wiggle could get the job now he's free...

Anyway, let's not get bitter.

I still love KISS. The first band I really obsessed over and collected like crazy. The strange things is, I have never actually seen them either. I was too young back in the day when they came out in 1980. Then either the planets haven't been aligned or I've sort of thought, you know what... I don't want my childhood memories shattered by some half baked Rolling Stones in wheel chairs tour with pyrotechnics that even need Viagra to explode. So then I read that KISS are meant to be touring Australia 2013. I am there! I have to be and I also have to take my two young kids! They love singing their songs and even my four year old son cracks it when there's no KISS in the car. What a kick arse first gig for them to go to!

According to The Music Network "Rock and roll superhero supergroup KISS has confirmed that they will be touring Australia next year. Their manager, Doc McGhee, told The Music Network that they have plans to come to Australia "next year. 2013".

And just for the hell of it I've also included an embarrassing photo of me from when I was younger in one of my KISS shirts. Unfortunately the only photo in one I have and look at that imposter on the shirt in the bottom.... pfffft...

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