Sunday, December 18, 2011

THOSE THAT ROCK 2011 - Teaser with KNALL

We're only a few gigs away from the end of another year. Best Of... lists are coming thick and fast; Top 5 Songs Of The Year, Album Of The Year, Who's The Indiest Indie Rocker Of The Year... Something Sweet To Throw Away is posting a little teaser of what's to come here...

If you don't know them, check out German band KNALL. They will take you away into a psychedelic space rock that you just wont want to come back from. You can never have too much fuzz and KNALL have it set to overload. Check out their latest track 'BITCH'. Even available as a free download!

KNALL: Facebook // Myspace

Stay tuned for Something Sweet's THOSE THAT ROCK 2011 list... filled with songs released over the last year and bands that just blow me away!

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