Tuesday, November 15, 2011


For those of you that love living on the fringes of genre and the fine line between genius and down right crackpot, Go-Go Sapien’s second full length release, This Body Is Wrong For Us, will keep your mind and ears entertained. For those of you that don’t, well, you need to get out of that pigeon hole more often anyway.

Known for their theatrical lyrics and style shifting song writing, this album takes you to places where a young Bowie might have only looked on, where Dick Dale might find his surf guitar hanging out on the beach at midnight staring up at the stars on acid and where Iggy first thought about throwing himself at the floorboards. Go-Go manage to create worlds within their own universe, swaying in and out of one genre to the next effortlessly, not only with the individual tracks but also within each as well.

The opener ‘Recreational Derelict’ is a wandering thought within the writers mind; cruisy musings on loneliness and importance. ‘Altered Ego’ steps it up with some killer garage surf guitar. If Lux Interior collaborated with the B-52’s on a psychedelic track, this might just have been their very own style of upbeat Go-Go; the stand out track for sure. ‘Serpentine Starlight’ seems to be about settling for the love you have and has some great piano and guitar riffs with old school eerie sci-fi effects. ‘Sick Love’ brings us some stalker-ish love in the form of a messed up Easybeats 90’s keyboard pop song. Josh Homme would be proud to have ‘Hatewind’ included on one of his legendary Desert Sessions collaborations. A desert driven beginning morphs into some great atmospheric keys and ends in a frenzy of horns. The album continues on in this mash up of styles and wraps you up in everything from garage to pop and all tinged with a sci-fi flavour, all the while delivered with a band that knows exactly what they’re creating and blend it all together with Zappa-esque brilliance.

You get the feeling that the band are taking the piss and are in on something we aren’t but the songs are so damn catchy and there’s way more style here than on a 70’s catwalk full of coked up models in spacesuits and faux fur.

The Movie is a 45 minute below b-grade piece that features the songs from the CD. Written and directed by Go-Go front man Will Hindmarsh. He clearly has a love of the sci-fi schlock horror genre and has gone well above and beyond just trying to imitate it, he has succeeded and it keeps you sucked right in and needing to find out what’s going to happen next. I wont be giving anything away as you really need to experience it all for yourself except to say that it’s like one of those crazy idea’s you have whilst being completely blown out and sitting around the basement table on That 70’s Show. The only difference is that Will has gone through with it. His madness has been realised. There are some great cameos throughout including Kim Salmon, Dave Graney, Liz Stringer and Linda Dacio. Whether or not you dig the film is really irrelevant, you’ll find yourself glued to their out of this world lunacy anyway. It’s awesome that the idea's been followed through and by the look of the fun they must have had making it, more for themselves than the audience! I would suggest listening to the CD first though as it gave me more of an appreciation for their unique approach to music. If I had have heard the sounds for the first time accompanying the film, well, let’s just say I might’ve needed to drop some acid first.

I really wish I could’ve made it to the launch, I think that would have been pretty crazy! As they sing on track 6 “Science Friction changed the world’s opinion” and this release may very well do that just for you!

This Body Is Wrong For Us CD & DVD film is out now through Popboomerang.

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