Monday, October 10, 2011

Legends Of Motorsport, River Of Snakes, The In The Out @ Old Bar

I was unintentionally drunk before I even figured out where the tram was. Eventually it came by, I clambered on and sat with my head facing down in case the need arose and I was forced to have to slur to a stranger.

I got off and wandered toward to one of my favourite Melbourne venues, The Old Bar. On the way there I ran into an old friend I hadn’t seen in a loooong time heading in as well… awesome! Good times ahead! Dufbaum! As we entered the place was full of punters talking loudly and the small TV up behind the bar unsuccessfully vying for our attention.

The first band up was The In The Out. I have no idea who they are but my friend knew them. Apparently so did everyone else as the room quickly filled to the first strum.

There were people around me standing on the floor, posters on the walls, red light looking down upon the stage and doors occasionally breaking the monotony of a straight wall. The bass was low, the drums were being hit and there was lots of hi end strumming. I really couldn’t tell you much else other than I was really digging them. The singer / guitarist looked like he was out of Kings Of Leon and seemed to be breaking hearts of those single ladies around me.

I started feeling too drunk. You know that type of drunk that hits you and you're not sure if you're banging your head at the right pace. Are you 3 beats behind the band? Are you seeing things in real time? Are you still banging your head after they've left the stage and everyone else has gone out to the beer garden for a smoke? Who the fuck cares? I'm enjoying my own space with or without the band! I'm still hearing them and that's all that matters.

New York Dolls were also playing this same night... I thought “Pffft, we've got our very own Melbourne Dolls rights here...”

A couple more mates arrived in time for the killer River Of Snakes. I was irresponsibly getting sober at this point and so can sporadically remember parts of the evening. Like trying to find Snakes guitarist Raul’s “Civil War” Big Muff that was pictured on Tym’s Facebook page… it looks beat up but very much loved! I’m not sure if the band were messing with my head on purpose as they played my favourite song, I Lied, somewhat faster than usual. A little less swamp ridden blues and a bit more kick arse rock. Was it me or was it them?

Sex Shark is an instrumental plucked straight out of the dirty rancid crotch of the fuzzed out 90’s. Loads of distortion, riffs that would make Tumbleweed wet their pants and that ol’ Magic Dirt feedback driven solo that sends you crazy! Drink was fittingly dedicated to friend of the band Emmy who’s leaving town – so raise your glass and wish her all the best! Bad Blood’s almost tribal and animalistic feel makes it instantly a favourite. The Harsh Light Of Day was also a fav for the night. You can’t be fooled by that babydoll dress when Elissa screams! It would curdle Kat Bjelland’s blood!

Back out to the courtyard for old and new friends to meet and greet. It was great catching up and just hanging out. Unfortunately we were having such a good time that we stayed out there when Legends Of Motorsport started. I haven’t seen them for years and maybe even since they supported Queens Of The Stone Age on their first Australian tour. Now I’m a huge QOTSA fan and their set rocked but it was the slaughterfest that was Legends that left their unexpected impression on me. So many bands though and I just haven’t gotten around to seeing them again. We eventually went back inside but I revisited my The In The Out phase of the evening and remember hilarities rather than musical genius.

Like the guy in front of us that was wearing a bow on his back and pink skin tight ¾ pants! I guess that now is the time to explain that I clearly didn’t take any photo’s of the bands, hence my sketches… but I had to get a photo of this guy! Was he on a buck’s night? Was it his usual preferred choice of gig clothing? Was he still stuck in the 80’s with a penchant for the bows on the back of bridesmaid’s dresses? Link Meanie was standing between the bow and I so I invited him to take part in my only gig photo of the evening! Link is a champ!

Legends style of making you feel like you’ve been put through a musical blender still holds fast and the room packed full of punters was testament to that. When Link got up for Ton Of Bricks the place went nuts! I was standing at the back of the room but I still held up my mobile to record this moment for Old Bar posterity. Check out the appalling footage but killer sound below!

It’s the busiest I’ve seen the Old Bar for ages. Such a great vibe at that place and some kick arse muso’s were amongst it… Adam (Magic Dirt), Link Meanie, Adam Harding, Ben (Warped), Roman (Rocket Science), Steve (Useless Children), Jem (DEAD), Mikeey (High Times). Melbourne, a gold mine of talent!

We had a final chat after the last of the Legends chaos drifted off as the amps were cut. Said our goodbyes and headed in different directions. I walked to catch one of the last trams of the night and thought “I can smell cauliflower... weird what you smell when you're walking down the street...”

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