Wednesday, October 19, 2011

FANGS 'Monsters' - New Single!

From 80’s indie garage punk to straight up shit hot rock, FANGS have got what you want; they’re unparalleled and tight, furious and foaming with attitude.

The band are set to release their latest single, Monsters, backed with Government Paycheck. If you have never heard FANGS before, this is one hell of an introduction.

Monsters serves up robot rockin riffs and such a laid back can’t be arsed groove, but don’t be fooled. Fangs are the monster that certainly doesn’t creep up on you slowly. Turn your back on them live and they’ll pounce and devour you whole. These guys fuckin rock!

This first track gets your head banging well before you’ve even realised you’ve put a hole in the wall. Not as frenzied as some of their past material but just as strong and definitely as solid. You will not be disappointed.

Government Paycheck is back to more of the usual FANGS beat up that we’re used to. Punk fuelled mayhem and feedback fed solo, during which the use of stereo is just subtle enough to make your head freak right out! I love Tim’s use of tapping the strings on his SG’s pickups…

FANGS are set to release Monsters, recorded at Birdland Studios, October 25th through iTunes with the 7” and CD releases to follow. Available now through Bandcamp. Also check out some live vid's on Youtube.

FANGS will be officially launching the single at the Cherry Bar November 25th!

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