Monday, October 3, 2011

DESTROY SHE SAID - Music For Muscle Cars EP

Pub rock is a loosely used term and thrown around all too often, included by myself. Destroy She Said are what it’s really all about: plenty of hard rock with more guts than a slaughterhouse (with some metal thrown in). Their new EP, Music For Muscle Cars, has everything you need to keep you rockin the whole way through. There’s hell raising riffs, pounding rhythms and vocals that have been pulled across a cheese grater that’d have Bon Scott down the front raising his glass!

Music For Muscle Cars is a perfect example of why EP’s work. Every track packs an Ali punch and keeps it rollin on to the next. Some albums should really have a few tracks cut so the momentum isn’t broken and I’m sure that DSS could’ve added more to this release but there’s just no need. There’s enough power behind their guts, grit and guitars that’ll get you breaking speed limits in your ‘69 Camaro in no time at all!

Kicking off with the appropriately named “Drivin’ Machine”; dirty distortion rolling around the tires on your V8, rumbling bass and more of those early Bon vocals every flannie wearing beer swiller from the burbs loves.

You can feel the 70’s and 80’s hard rockin edge come crashing through in “Fanta Pants”. With Dio growls, metal guitar squeals and the strength behind the bass drum, it makes this song a definite stand out on the EP. It hits the nitro and takes it up a notch.

If every release has a love song, track 3 is definitely Destroy She Said’s. The chilled intro is sung with their very own style of love and affection. Then it kicks into more of the rockin and rollin riffage. And of course nothing says love more than the lyrics of “Squirter”. Do yourself a favour; buy it if not just for this!

The feel of “Game Over” took me straight back to the 90’s and Circus Of Power. Simple riff, perfectly timed and instantly a foot tapper. Dave’s solo is killer on this track. Sounds like he’s teasing it out of his guitar at first and just ends up throttling the fuck out of it! Ball busting vocals and powerhouse rhythms.

DSS got their name from a 1969 Marguerite Duras film Destroy, She Said. An obscure erotic art house film set in a French provincial hotel. A bizarre movie that wouldn’t and doesn’t necessarily need to be known to most, the band on the other hand, definitely should be.

DSS are: Simon McCullough – vocals, Gary Young – rhythm guitar, Dave Walker – lead guitar, Scampers – bass, Greg Aldridge – drums.

Destroy She Said will be launching the Music For Muscle Cars EP Saturday October 15th at The Espy front bar with special guests MAMMOTH MAMMOTH, China Vagina and AC/DShe. The EP is available on October 9th through their site.

DSS: Site / MyspaceFacebook.

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