Thursday, October 27, 2011


You’re walking through the back alleys of Melbourne at 2am and feel a presence. Hearing the footsteps following, you stop and turn… there’s no one there. You continue walking and your pace hastens. Feeling the heavy breathing on the back of your neck, once again you turn as you start running and still there is no face to the anticipation. Rounding a corner you run into something at full force knocking you to the ground. As the blood pours from your hands and knees, heart racing, your breath gasping, frantically you look around and realise that which was behind you, is in front of you, is all around you. There is no escape. Reeling backward and scrambling further into the darkness you look up to see what it is and catch a glimpse… it’s DEAD.

There really is no other like this band. Two humans brutalising their instruments and our eardrums the world over. Two guys with the sound of a 10 carriage train going over head at high speed. Two musicians that truly understand and feel what they’re doing which translates into an awe-gasmic feast for your senses. You have never heard anything or seen anything live like DEAD. After all they did book their first tour even before writing a song... now that's insane! If the rapture does come, I’m not hanging around in no field waiting for UFO’s, I’ll be at the Old Bar listening to DEAD at full volume!

Their latest release, THUNDAAAAAH! Is exactly that! The sound that you hear after the lightning, after the electrical storm from hell, after DEAD have been amplified and the brutality arrives. They are truly fuckin awesome.

It kicks off with the complete sense disabling 'You Just Lost My Appetite'. 3 minutes 18 seconds of battlefield explosive bass and limb annihilating drums. This is a great introduction of what to expect. No bullshit, warts and all ball tearing ferocity that circles around behind you and punches you in the back of the head. You really can't take it all in with only two ears. Try and borrow a mates too if you can. It's just that massive.

Each song is a testament to the band's strengths as musicians and honesty to play what they feel. DEAD are unique in their sound and approach. They strike a chord within us in the primordial sense. Their rhythmic and pounding, raw and primeval songs, can be felt vibrating through the floorboards and up into your bones.

Jace’s bass playing goes from gentle soft single note slides through to his cataclysmic thunderous chords. At times it sounds like there's a hell of a lot more going on than only one bass. The drum stool that sits under Jem has to be on nitro-fuelled hydraulics. When you see him live you realise he doesn’t like to sit still. Well, yes he is a drummer, but how he springs into the air from nowhere and lands full force bare foot onto his pedals is awesome. It comes across in the second track “Preventable Disease”. Raucous and complete and utter strength until it all stops and you hear Jem yell “Give me a power chord! Give me another power chord”. Then it’s all back on into a full throttle attack!

I love the absolute contrast of “Wherever You Go We Will Catch You” amongst the rest of the tracks. A chilled intro build up of crashing symbols with the bass. Jace drops the playing and starts whistling over the bare drums. It’s quite haunting in the middle of the sheer volume of the DEAD beast. And don’t worry, it’s at about the 4 minute 20 second mark that they do catch up with you and take you right back into the chaos with extreme and blood curdling vocals. A horror movie all unto itself.

DEAD really are a live band. To watch them in action is jaw dropping. I did wonder how their style of music would translate onto LP without their visual presence, though there was no need. It really works and I'm damn impressed. DEAD will never be a band you will see on Richard Wilkins Top Ten favourite releases for the year, of which I’m sure they’d prefer, but for those fans of punk, sludge, chaos and noise, you will absolutely be fuckin stoked! I also strongly advise that even if you aren’t to check them out, you wont be disappointed.

THUNDAAAAAH! Is available on LP now. Delicious hand-screened sleeve and inserts done locally by the guys on their own label WeEmptyRooms, limited to 200. The U.S. version is through Wantage. DEAD also released a limited number on cassette for their Southeast Asian tour last May. You may still be able to get a copy through Ricecooker (Malaysia) or Tenzenmen (Australia).

After the successful Southeast Asian and U.S. tours, DEAD are set to annihilate their home land. Co-headlining with Cyberne (Japan), this East Coast Australian tour is going to make every one of your senses scream in awe.

DEAD / Cyberne Oct / Nov Tour Dates:

Mon 31st Oct: Melbourne - The Prague - Thornbury
+ Bodies, Bowcaster, Scul Hazzards & Dude Mountin’

Tue 1st Nov: Melbourne (4pm Start) “Cup Day Carnage” - Brunswick Hotel
+ Spider Goat Canyon, King Parrot, Broozer, Swidgen, Moth & Gihan

Wed 2nd Nov: Newcastle (ALL AGES) - The Pharmacy, Wickham

Thurs 3rd Nov: Lismore - The Gollam Hotel

Fri 4th Nov: Brisbane (ALL AGES) The Waiting Room, West End
+ Iron Hide, Acid Snake & Black Hole Gazers.

Sat 5th Nov (2pm): Brisbane (ALL AGES) - Tym Guitars Instore performance

Sat 5th Nov (late): Byron Bay - Jack’s Shed

Sun 6th Nov: Tamworth - The Youthie - ALL AGES
w/Rara Avis and Crouching 80s Hidden Acronym

Wed 9th Nov: Sydney (Cyberne Only) - Sandringham Hotel, Newtown
+ Hard-Ons

Thurs 10th Nov: Wollongong - The Patch, Fairy Meadow
+ Baby Machine

Fri 11th Nov: Sydney (ALL AGES) - Blackwire, Annandale
+ Nunchukka Superfly, Battle Pope & Video Nasty.

Sat 12th Nov: Canberra (ALL AGES) - McAwley St. House
+ 4Dead, Reverend Jessie Custer

DEAD: Site // Facebook

Cyberne: Site // Facebook // Myspace

DEAD / Cyberne: East Coast Tour Event

WeEmptyRooms: Site

Tenzenmen: Site // Facebook

Ricecooker: Site // Facebook

Wantage: Site // Facebook

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