Saturday, September 10, 2011

Love Kiss - Amplexus EP

My eyes opened at midday. I rolled over and fell out of bed. Oh that wasn’t good. My head landed on something hard… my skateboard. Eventually standing I slap the on button and Therapy? starts cranking on my turntable. Last nights beer bottles and ciggy butts litter the floor amongst naked LP’s missing their covers. Tool, NIN, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Ministry, Pop Will Eat Itself and einstürzende neubauten, amongst others.

Peeking out the window I realise how big a night I must’ve had. My head feels like it’s caved in as the sun sears through the hole the acid has left behind… scattered thoughts start to emerge of dancing around the loungeroom coffee table, painting on the walls, sitting in the garden outside the pub and laughing at passers by. Wondering if they had a little Jim in them. Do they hold the key that Morrison possessed to take them to the other side? Do they see what I see?

I laugh out loud and they look at me. We get up and walk straight through them bullet proof. Al Jourgensen is screaming “THIEVES! LIARS!” They are inconsequential to our fun and can’t see their true selves…

I light a cigarette and stare up at the street light. The moths haphazardly rotate around it like Saturn’s rings on acid. Yeah, this is good tonight.

“HEY! Let’s go and jam the rest of this one out!”

Love Kiss takes me back to this place in the 90’s. Beautiful, chaotic, serene, mesmerizing, rockin, peaceful, extreme. So many headspaces delivered in the 5 track demo EP that is Amplexus.

It’s a mixture of style and styles, blending and holding your attention. Everyone that likes the previously mentioned bands will find something in here to dig. They're not borrowing from these bands, just evoking similiar emotions by taking you to new places. Industrial beats and noise, kickin guitars and flowing ambience breathes so much space and life into these tracks.

A lot of the bands I seem to be listening to at the moment are stripped down and have fewer members, two and three piece, like DEAD, The Peep Tempel, River Of Snakes, Seedy Jeezus, Useless Children. Less instruments, less to get caught up in and every person is just strangling the life out of their instrument and giving their all across to the punter to do with it what they will. Love Kiss are also a three piece, though you don't think of them in the sense of a regular band, how many instruments or members there may be. They fill your mind with soundscapes to heighten your emotions. Layers of programming, guitar, vocals, all with the same effect, taking you away within the music. They do it so well. Like a group of mates that rush you once you open the front door, Love Kiss circles you, throws it’s arms around your shoulders and welcomes you in to their world. I strongly suggest you get Amplexus, crank it up and close your eyes... it's awesome.

Featuring Mike Vitali (Ironweed, Ajna Chakra, Carcinogenic Corpse) on guitars / programming / vocals, Rocco DiDonna (Carcinogenic Corpse) on vocals and Baird Buchanan (Great Day For Up) on guitars.

Amplexus is released through Magnetic Eye Records and available now at CD Baby.

Check out Love Kiss on Facebook.

Here's the clip to my favourite off the EP, Ecstasy.


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