Friday, September 16, 2011

Kira Puru & The Bruise - The Liar EP

I walked down the stairs off the street. It was dark in the stairwell. The hour was late though the night was young. As I opened the door, chattering and laughter bellowed out and upward. I took a few steps in and stopped, looked around. It was hard to see through the smoke but I saw them. They were down the front at the stage and up against a wall. The red velvet flocked wallpaper told me this place was stylish, the cheap cigar smoke didn’t. After greeting some old friends and making some new acquaintances, I sat as the waitress placed a gin down in front of me. It was fuller than what I was used to but it will probably be needed. Poker dens and back alley bars are usually my thing. Not these up market looking clubs with their labelled bourbon and tailored jackets. Still, it was worth it being here, as I had heard this singer had a golden voice.

The curtains opened, the bass thumped and a snare intro’d her footsteps as she sauntered out. Kira Puru was dressed in a lo-cut sassy number, fur draped around her neck and hair as black as the devil’s night. She stopped to pick up her microphone from a stool, turned her head, looked right at me and winked. The hairs on the back of my neck jumped to attention. She’s got it, she knows she’s got it and things are about to get crazy. I shivered in anticipation.

Well, that’s how I imagine it might have gone down had I been dressed to impress and hitting the town to see Kira Puru & The Bruise. Instead I am at home, sitting at my desk and although I’m listening to them on CD, their power is not to be underestimated.

Oozing with style and sophistication yet dirty enough to be yelling “give it to me” in a back alley brothel, this Sydney four piece give a whole new authority to the term soul.

Kira Puru has a very powerful force behind that voice. Summoning up the pain, love and torment of her peers like the originals, Etta James, Billie Holiday and more recently Amy Winehouse and Paloma Faith. She can make you cry and tear out your heart at the same time. Strength, charisma, sass and sex appeal are awash throughout this EP and Kira is in charge, you will listen.

Gently the sounds behind Kira follow her emotion, ethereal at times in their charm and rockin out erratically the next, yet always beautiful. The Bruise are suitably named. Just when you are sitting back in your seat and taking in all of Kira’s haunting and soulful voice, you’re picked up by Jamieson Shaw’s bass and thrown into the drum kit, smashing everything in your path including Chas Jagger, who by now is on the floor under his kit. Geordie Malone wanders over and guitar slaps you across the face with his dirtiest, meanest, blues soaked solo he can find.

The Liar EP taps right into the heart and the soul of the listener and you can’t help but connect. It’s raw, it’s animalistic and you just want to pick it up in both hands and feast on all it’s glory.

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Pick up a copy of The Liar EP in person or online at Thornbury Records.


one very proud mother said...

Kira Puru is a legend unfortunately born a few decades after her time,but a legend none the less.As her mum I am only slightly biased.

sbo said...

thank you so much. fosbobetr good Archive