Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's over.

As I looked up I saw the sweat roll in beads down her forehead. She struck with force, a malice not intended to bounce back. Her swing was hefty with a weight behind it from all her demons. A past she tried to run from but could only forcefully beat out of herself. She swung again in speedy succession, one after the other, her eyes never leaving the target and her hands racing against one another. The ridges above her brow deepening as she slammed in another left, another right and another demon down. “Die motherfucker!” she screamed within herself as she slayed her memories past. Her dreams died long ago and now it was another’s turns. “Fuck you for what you did to me!”. She struck again and over clocked it spinning round, beads of sweat flying off her in spirals as she threw herself to the floor and landed in a heap. She lay still except for her raging heart and pumping fury. Her blood boiling and screaming through her body to get up but exhaustion had the better of her and she lay, still, trying to let it go. She released maybe one, maybe two, but not as many terrible memories as she’d hoped. She lay there in a pool of hatred and stank of liars and beggars and thieves of her innocence. She was a product of all her partners. She was a product of their brutality and self absorbed ways. She laid their still dying inside but today, she had a small victory that would keep her going until tomorrow. She killed him in her mind. She let this one go. She unsteadily got to her knees; arms trembling and legs shaking she caught her breath and got to her feet. She stumbled off to have a shower before she left the gym and headed home. Tonight, she would leave him.

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