Friday, June 17, 2011 magazine.

Do you ever come across something that really connects with you? It could be a painting, a song, a book you’ve just read. It seems to have been created just for you. It’s reaches your every expectation and continues to just get better. magazine is exactly that.

Black and white, beautiful paper filled with Gonzo style journalism and more grit than a dirt road. Not since Hot Metal have I been this excited about words and photo's in print. I love the internet and how easily you can come across new writers and musicians on those late night search tangents, “How the hell did I get here?”, but there is truly nothing like holding something tangible in your hands. Like a printed photo to a jpg and like a record to an mp3, this magazine is the romantic notion that there is still love out there for those obsessed with the printed. Speaking of vinyl, did I mention the magazine comes with a free 7”? HOLY SHIT RIGHT! Issue 02 features The Vines and Children Collide! It could only be better if it sucked you inside it and threw you a party with all the bands that grace its pages.

You know what else I love… the mags lack of interest when it comes to capital letters when writing headings and names… that’s how I like to roll but the man has been twisting my arm for years. RISE UP AND CHALLENGE!

From Stone Temple Pilots to Mammoth Mammoth, it not only covers the big guns but also those that hit the stage hard every set and deserve to be up and out there on billboards, on the bigger stage and on the printed page.

I highly recommend everyone go and grab a copy and you will not be disappointed.

Could it get any better? Yes it can, I have also joined the team, so keep an eye out for my words on those damn awesome pages. site // facebook // stockists.

You can even grab it from the best record store in Melbourne, Thornbury Records. As well as Issue 02, which is out now, you can still grab Issue 01 which is no longer available at newsagents! This is not just a mag, remember it’s also a collectable 7”! Debut issue features Anna Salen & Money For Rope!

Pick up a copy for the kick arse Mammoth Mammoth live review by Stephen White & loads more!!!

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