Monday, June 20, 2011

Most Securely Sent Vinyl Award goes to....

This year I was ridiculously excited about Record Store Day. So many amazing releases! On the day I actually only picked up Adam Harding's 7". A lot of the one's I was after either didn't make it to Australia in time (though since have arrived) or weren't even going to be sent to start with! The shock! The horror!

One of the main one's I was after was a particular Rekords Rekords release. A 10" picture disc...

The day is perfectly marketed at those obsessive collector freaks out there... meaning me. It became a mission to try and track down some of the releases. Two amazing friends ended up getting me some of them! Legends! One of which arrived in the mail today and as well as being stoked at adding this to my collection, the packaging also takes out this years Most Securely Sent Vinyl Award!

I had seen a couple of photo's before this was sent but when I picked this up and saw it in person, I was sincerely blown away! The ingenuity and the care taken to make sure this arrived safely is perfect. Lightweight yet strong, secure yet easy to undo, simple yet I haven't quite seen anything like it before!

David, you are a legend!

At first glance you realise it is well done but it's not until you start to get right into undoing it that you truly come across the packaging smarts of the constructor!

You can see them hiding underneath the tape... you peel it back and there are the screws holding the lightweight 3 ply to the sides.

I'm not sure what those sides are made out of, as light as Balsa yet a lot stronger!

The top was put in with screws to make life easier to undo the packaging. The bottom was nailed on to keep it that extra bit secure, then all taped over the top.

I carefully worked through the deconstruction process. Not as I was worried about mauling its contents, I was merely marveling at its brilliance!

A crowd gathered as I pulled out the first screw... (does my cat count?) and then as more and more escaped from their overseas lodging others gathered... (what about kids passing through chasing each other?) and when finally I took off the lid like Indiana Jones with sheer wonder, the light shone out like a beacon from the heaven's above!

OK, so clearly I'm getting carried away and that didn't happen but there was some serious building that went on here. I imagine David down in his basement, working under a slowly swinging light barely allowing him to see as he hovered over his Frankenstein box. He steps back once completed and lets out an almighty cackle!!! "IT'S ALIVE!!!"

Followed by his wife upstairs yelling down "SSHHHH! McDreamy's about to make up with Meredith again!"

OK, maybe these things just happen in my world!

Check out the photo's... as I took the top off not only was the 10" secured in bubble wrap inside it's wooden cocoon, there was also a rim of rubber keeping it safe! A travelling condom for the vacationing vinyl if you will! Nothing gonna fuck with this thing!

Rekords Rekords RSD 10" picture disc tracks:
A1) Alain Johannes “Endless Eyes”
A2) From Desert Sessions 7 & 8 “Nenada”
B1) Queens Of The Stone Age “Regular John”
B2) Mini Mansions “The Room Outside”

If you don't have this or didn't even know about it, at the moment you are asking yourself "Are you fuckin serious?" and yes... I fuckin am! Because this is 'WHERE THE "SHIT" HITS THE FANS"!!!


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