Monday, May 2, 2011

Mighty Elk. Brunswick Hotel. Sun 1st May, 2011.

Often gigs like tonight's go unnoticed, especially on a Sunday night Cherry Rock weekend in a cool pub in rainy Brunswick. It's not like me to be 'The Devil' free when Jesse Hughes is in town but sometimes you just can't do everything. Jesse did an in the end not so secret set at Ding Dong, then DJ'ed at Cherry, then strutted his good ol' boogie rock there the next night, all the while I was elsewhere.

Tonight I went to see some mates play at the Brunswick Hotel. Mighty Elk. Stoner / Psych rock that is just aurally orgasmic. Layers and layers that sounds like they're more monstrous than a four-piece.

This is only their third gig and they've said they're still trying to find their feet playing live. They must be wearing concrete boots cause they are rock solid! There's so many elements to their sound that creates a killer set that flows through 60 and 70's psych and prog, 90's and beyond stoner, all meandering through one another's playground.

And what better way to celebrate the start of the Kyuss Australian tour week than with Mighty Elk! This up coming week and then some of Kyuss is more than a massive fuckin deal and guess who's off on a whirlwind tour as well?

Anyways... I digress... If you read my blog you would know I only bother talking about bands and muso's I really dig... Mighty Elk - Check them out! Playing The Prague on Friday 13th May!

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