Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dukes Of Hazzard / Mustang / Boogie Van

Today's garage sale score!

Stories From The Dukes Of Hazard LP - 1983.

Only the best show on earth! Features 5 stories from the Dukes. "Stories from The Dukes Of Hazzard are narrations, with incidental background music, of the goings on in Hazzard County from the TV Series. The Duke boys are always ready to race The General either in a chase,or by being chased by the car with the flashing lights on top. These stories create the excitement and drama of car chases, fun and adventures the Duke boys get up to. But the good guys always win in the end". Phew!

Two Mustang books (1993 & 1997) featuring the greatest car ever (besides The General of course!), the 1967 Mustang Fastback. The beast that is pure muscle and can get a chick pregnant with one rev of it's "King Of The Road" 428 Cobra Jet motor. How insane is the '65 Shelby on the cover!!!

Then parked down the street from where these were picked up was the coolest Boogie Van I have ever seen. Well, not so much of a Boogie Van as a Boogie Machine! A Bedford Tradesman. It was huge and smooth as hell! The seats behind the front looked like bucket swivel. Roof to floor tinted windows along the side not pictured. Faded retro stickers, fluffy dice on the rear view mirror, hula girl on the dash. I was waiting for Hyde from That 70's Show to get out in a cloud of smoke.

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