Saturday, April 30, 2011


Would you like to win some killer Game Two Records CD's?

Doom All Over The World - 2CD Compilation. 2010
Sixty Watt Shaman - Ultra Electric. 1998.
RawRadarWar / Deer Creek - Split. 2007.

I would like to expand on the Something Sweet readership. I write first and foremost for myself. More readers though would be awesome. I have met some great new friends through writing this and come across some new bands that I never otherwise would have heard of, that's what it's also all about!
Most blogs or Facebook pages that try to build their followers is just for numbers sake. Sure I would like more but would rather have quality not quantity. More followers that actually dig what I'm on about.

Shut up and get to the point!

So whoever comes up with the best competition to get Something Sweet some more worthy followers will win this awesome Game Two Records 3 CD pack! Then the winner of said competition will also win another of the same packs!

How's that sound? Pretty damn sweet I think!

Leave a comment or message me through Facebook...

By the way, the CD's are all new and sealed! And they all kick more arse than Kim Kardashian can carry!

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