Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vote for Fangs - Triple J Unearthed!

Vote for Fangs 'One Punch' in Triple J's Unearthed!

When I walk into a pub and find myself inadvertently tapping my foot against the edge of the bar as I order a drink, I want to be able to turn my head and see Fangs crankin out this track. These guys have a fury and intensity live that is seldom caught in a recording but they've managed to do it here. Tightly wound rhythm section unrolling over the top of you as the guitar whips you into a frenzy. This captures their kick arse riffs and steam rolling rawk and if it’s true that “it only takes One Punch to kill”, then I’m dead!

Check out the Fangs gig Something Sweet review from March.

Fangs will be playing:
The Espy in St Kilda on Saturday 30th April.
The Prague in Thornbury on Saturday 14th May.
Check 'em out! You'll be stoked!

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