Friday, April 1, 2011

Record Store Day

How far behind am I? I haven't posted for weeks... I'm so busy and I have more than several pieces unfinished, kind of started and reviews mounting up. Haven't posted anything about QOTSA playing their solo album in its entirity, Soundwave, Stone Temple Pilots, Motorhead and it goes on... slacker!

Will the posts arrive? Who can tell, but I tell you what is coming up and that's Record Store Day!

Mark April 16th on your calendar!

It's become a massive event for bands to release limited edition vinyl and CD's as well as punters to get out there and support local record stores and get their rawk on live.

Some of the amazing limited edition releases coming out just for the day:
Red Hot Chili Peppers / Ramones - Havana Affair 7" Split
Rekords Rekords - Alain Johannes, Desert Sessions, Mini Mansions, QOTSA vinyl
Flogging Molly - Don't Shut 'Em Down 7"
Jimi Hendrix - Fire 7"
Nirvana - Hormoaning LP
Mastodon - Live At The Aragon LP
Syd Barrett - An Introduction LP
Pearl Jam - Immortality / Rear View Mirror 7"
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Telesterion CD & 4LP Box Set

& the list goes onnnnnnn!
Check out the Record Store Day site list.

There's a few stores that I have loved over the years, in Sydney (Waterfront, Red Eye, Phantom, Half A Cow, UtopiaSilver Rocket), Melbourne (Greville Records, Collectors Corner, Missing Link, Dixons), Brisbane (Skinnys) and there's others I have forgotten to mention at this moment of writing.

The two main stores I suggest you get to / write to / check out on the internet and shout out to the sky about is Melbourne's Thornbury Records and Vinyl Grove in the Netherlands. Both have shit hot music, cool as hell people running them and deserve to keep it rockin. Let's not let the little guys suffer at the hands of chains or the likes of eBay and other such sites that don't give any money to the local guy and also importantly to the bands themselves.


Check out the Record Store Day site // Wikipedia // Facebook.

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