Friday, April 29, 2011

Nirvana / Sonic Youth (1991 The Year Punk Broke) DVD

From We Got Power Films:

Take a trip with Sonic Youth and Nirvana as they stumble thought their 1991 European club & festival tour! Let filmmaker Dave Markey put you on stage, off stage and backstage! Witness the boredom! The cynicism! And rock harder than you may have ever rocked before! Featuring Dinosaur Jr., Babes In Toyland, Gumball, The Ramones and a surging wave of punk rock fanatics!

See You In The Pit!

We are very happy to announce that the long awaited DVD will be released in the fall of 2011 by Universal to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of this historic tour, featuring

• 42 minute Bonus Movie entitled "(This Is Known As) The Blues Scale" with previously unseen mind-blowing Sonic & Nirvana performances (including "Inhuman", "White Kross", "Orange Rolls/Angel's Spit", "Eric's Trip", "Chapel Hill", and "In Bloom") and plenty of revelatory and rockin' (and hilarious) never before seen off-stage and on-stage material

• Running audio commentary track by Thurston Moore & Dave Markey

• Rough Edits of performance material

• 2003 Panel Discussion (on the film) at the Arclight in Hollywood, with Thurston Moore, Dave Markey, Lee Ranaldo, Steve Shelley, and J. Mascis

• A photo slide show

• Theatrical trailer

• More surprises!

"1991 is a celebration. Its joiie de vivre is infectious. Even the hints of tragedy- a glipse of the late roadie Joe Cole, a too-high Cobain- merely make the claim in the film's title more crucial."
- Village Voice

"Director Dave Markey strives for a kind of cinema verite-meets-homemade-fanzine appeal and succeeds almost too well." - Entertainment Weekly

Watch previews of "(This Is Known As) The Blues Scale"
A 42 minute feature post-script to "1991 The Year Punk Broke" put together by David Markey in 2004 featuring never before seen performance and off-stage material from Sonic Youth and Nirvana
Read Dave Markey's 1991 tour journal

Watch a never-before-seen outtake with Thurston Moore and enjoy this Sonic Youth performance of “Schizophrenia” as seen in the movie.

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