Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Layne Staley...

As well as losing Kurt Cobain on this day, we also lost another amazing and talented musician... Layne Staley.

Frontman for the kick arse Alice In Chains. I don't need to tell you if you are bothering to read this what an impact they had on the scene. Fuckin mind expanding songs like Sea Of Sorrow, Bleed The Freak, It Ain't Like That... I can't even get off Facelift.

The good ol' days of RAGE for those in Australia, seeing music clips of songs you'd never heard before. I was introduced to so much sitting up at stupid o'clock in the early hours of the morning. Man In The Box was my first taste of AIC and I was hooked.

Their 1992 tour is still one of the greatest and scariest I have ever been to. The mosh was an insane whirlpool. When the first song kicked in, the whirlpool circled in on itself and I spent that first song or so on the bottom of a pile of people just holding my head and yelling "FUUUCK".

It was truly awesome.

When they toured again in February 2009 I wasn't going to go. How could I see them without the almighty Layne. On the day I must have been going through cold sweats. My wife, the perfect friend that she is, jumped online and there were still tickets available. She bought me one! It was a great set. I forgot how much Cantrell's singing backed in the vocals and atmosphere of the songs.Killer muso's. William DuVall is a great singer. Close enough to Layne to give the songs the feeling they deserve but he was far enough removed and singing his own way to not sound like a cover band. Though it was pretty close! He must draw major influence from Layne and those in a similiar vein.

Remembering another truly talented individual.
Layne, you're a fuckin legend.

Layne Thomas Staley
August 22, 1967 – April 5, 2002.