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I just read this on Chybucca Sounds and had to share...

Release Date: May 2011.

Record Label: Bro Fidelity Records/Cobraside Distribution.

Gary Arce, a founding father of the desert rock movement in the late ‘80s, is one of the most hard-working musicians on the planet.

A permanent fixture in Yawning Man (as well as the cross-Atlantic collaboration of Yawning Sons), a contributor to Brant Bjork’s Ten East project and a fully-fledged member of Big Scenic Nowhere (not to mention his own solo project Dark Tooth Encounter), Arce is a man in demand.

Set for a limited edition release in May via Ben Matthew’s Bro Fidelity label (as well as Cobraside Distribution) this self-titled 12” marks a coming together of contrasting styles.

On the one side of the Pacific you have Hotel Wrecking City Traders; two brothers from Melbourne who thrash out noise- inspired psychedelic rock, and up until recently, were asking fans for small financial contributions to help with the making on this and other future projects. On the other side is Gary Arce.

It would be unfair to list their accolades side by side; however, together they have created a record that is enhancing and full of scope. ‘Coventina’s Cascade’ juxtaposes melodic intensity, as Arce’s reverb-inducing trance is offset by repetitive rumbles and feedback flowing distortion – a 10-minute atmospheric experience that builds to a calm, yet climatic conclusion.

Whereas Arce focuses more on tone and technique, the Melbourne brothers of destruction bring the aggressive; most notably during ‘Traverse of the Oxen’, where their speaker-shattering notion is comprised of Black Sabbath sludge and druggy dream-pop – two contrasting genres that co-exist side by side. Quite rightly, this release is a triumphant for both parties.

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