Saturday, April 23, 2011


Flogging Molly's latest full length will be released on the 31st May but is now available for Pre-Order! It'll be their 6th studio album and released through the band's own Borstal Beat Records.

These guys are such an awesome live band, I can't wait to see them again. One of those bands where the songs kick arse, the energy is always huge and everyone is right there with them digging it the whole time.

They also have the best skater ever in their band playing accordian / concertina as well, the legendary Matt Hensley!

Can't wait to hear their new album!
Pre-order a Limited Edition Fan Pack here.

Check out there latest clip for Don't Shut 'Em Down. It's the first single from Speed Of Darkness.

Check out this link for Matt Hensley talking about his skating, some of his decks and to see some killer footage. "Matt, Matt who, Matt Hensley" is a fuckin legend!

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