Friday, April 29, 2011

DEAD @ Old Bar. 28-04-2011.

As I drove home after the gig I realised something, besides my hearing, wasn’t right. Something felt different and that’s how a live band should make you feel. The emotion, the volume, the intensity should leave you affected and changed, wanting more. Music needs to be felt inside. It needs to grab you, take hold of your entire being, get inside you, take control and then throttle the fuck out of everything you know and throw you against the wall.

However you try and describe the power, the force and brutality of DEAD, it will clearly be underestimated by the reader. People often say, myself included, “oh you really need to check out this band because their music just doesn’t translate into a recording”… blah blah blah… but DEAD are the band that everyone is really talking about when they tell you to experience live music.

These guys are the nightmare that High On Fire’s Matt Pike wakes up screaming to. They’re the wet dream Acid King have and the hell that only Lemmy can try to imagine. They are truly fuckin powerful.

You don’t often see a drummer set up a kit with such precision but so quickly. As Jem tightens the tension bolts you can see their grimacing faces as they know they’re about to be beaten to fuck. The bass drum pedal is taped to the floor, not so much from stopping it sliding forward but more to stop it from running away through fear of being jumped on repeatedly. Jem’s style is heavy. Heavy sound, heavy action and the way he jumps up at times and lands on the pedal, heavy landing. It produces a literally ground breaking beat that fractures ribs and floorboards.

Jace’s playing style travels all over, though he usually stands pretty much still. Strings assaulted singularly or in a chord. Low thundering grooves and melodic fuzz. But all the while it’s just a massive MASSIVE behemoth of destruction. I love Budd, that is some of the chunkiest bass playing I have ever heard. You need a chainsaw to get through it. Jace see’s your Budd and raises you a Weedeater.

Last time I saw them was at The Tote, it’s not a massive venue and it gets pretty loud in there. Throw DEAD in The Old Bar and it’s x10! A tsunami of sound that knocks you off your feet. It’d be like having Motörhead playing a gig in your toilet. I love leaving a venue feeling battered and bruised after only standing still. The vibrations, the force, the magnitutde of amplified terror and bass driven brutality violating your entire being. Killer set guys, thanx.

DEAD are leaving next week “to South East Asia for touring & glory”. I think they’ll be leaving a trail of ‘Holy FUCK’ behind them.

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DEAD live clip I took on my shitty little digi-cam last night....


Pedro Lima said...

Loved the sound bro,they should come to Portugal,we have a festival where they would fit like a glove,it's called "Festival Milhões de Festa",we party pretty hard over there!!!hehehe ;)

Something Sweet To Throw Away said...

I'll let the guys know! Stoked you liked it.

Pedro Lima said...

They're great!!!Thanx for sharing the experience!!!! ;)