Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fangs @ Revolver

Chapel Street tonight seems to be the usual young and pretties wandering the blend of supposedly funky clothing stores and cafes, closed on this rainy Wednesday night. I guess why I usually don't go down is that they'll put me in the window of the Bazaar one day. Not because I'm cool but I'm getting way too close myself to retro for the Chapel St 'it' crowd.

As I walked up to the Revolver door two Police walked out. Cool I thought to myself, hopefully the hipsters tonight are causing some shit! I got upstairs and most of them were standing still like their arms were taped to their sides. They seemed like they were more worried about showing off the new angle of their fringes rather than what they were listening to.

I saw Sarah who suggested I come along. She's got great taste in music so if she says listen, you know you really should. I mean hey, she was right about the Bronx. I finally got to see them live and they absolutely killed it at Soundwave! And yes, the photo's and words about that weekend will be posted soon.

Thank god not all bands are about dreary 17 word names and get straight to the point. Fangs is the reason why I was there. Straight to the point in their name and straight to the point with their sharp and quick punch punk songs.

They have a familiar sound, you instantly love it but it doesn't come across as a rip off of anything particular. The are a three piece and the rhythm section of Mackie on bass and Doggy on drums ( I wont ask how he got that one... what happens within the band stays in the band...) are awesome. Driving beats and rockin bass that draws you in and keeps your head going and foot tapping even though I'd never heard them before. If I wasn't so tired I would have been rockin out myself a little more but the crowd seemed like they'd be more at home in Led Zeppelin's Dazed And Confused clip, just sitting there literally dazed. MOVE PEOPLE, Fangs are kickin it bigtime!

Both the guys are great muso's and I really dug what they were doing. Although at one stage I thought that Mackie may have been too drunk to even tune his own bass but it may just have been that he was trying to take his foot out of his mouth from trying to tune women instead. The stand out for me though was singer / guitarist Tim. His style seemed at times a bit erractic, in a good way. Frantic and fast Fugazi style strumming to finger picked solos and even some wah thrown in for good ol warm and fuzzy measure. Really dug his style and that pulled me in even further.

On their Facebook page they describe themselves by saying "Mix the best parts of punk with the dirtiest rock ‘n’ roll, add a shot of stoner groove and a face full of ear-bleeding noise... you are listening to Fangs!" It is hard to try and pigeonhole their sound. When you listen to their recordings online it sounds way cleaner than live. I know that's the usual thing with bands and that's why I prefer to listen to live recordings to capture the true essence of a band. At times they were punked up and furious with short and sharp songs, then they'd throw in some hints of stoner or some dirty swamp blues and that got me really hooked. Fuckin awesome solo's as well!

Fangs have that sound that a lot of Aussie bands in the 80's had. That style of distortion and energy that you can just rock out to, that makes you feel right at home and just cut loose. I can't wait to see them again, have a few drinks and rock out with my mates. Lucky I was on my best behaviour tonight as Tim's parents were there. I bet Mackie gets a talking to!

Check out Fangs at Northcote Social Club Supporting Trial Kennedy this Saturday 12th March. Well worth it!

You can download their latest album Junkyard for only $9 at Bandcamp!
Or the in the flesh version will be available any day...

Fangs: Myspace // Facebook // Bandcamp

Also check out the upcoming Beyond The Pale poster art exhibition at Revolver Upstairs. Mark Wednesday 23rd March on your calendars RIGHT NOW! John from Beyond The Pale is one of the coolest guys you will come across and he has amazing art in his store. John introduced me years ago to some of my now favourite artists like Ken Taylor and especially Rhys Cooper, an amazing and talented artist who puts out shit hot work every time! The exhibition will feature limited edition prints from some of the coolest bands on the planet, Queens Of The Stone Age, Mark Lanegan, Metallica, Eagles Of Death Metal and more...

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