Friday, February 25, 2011

Soundwave 2011 - Melbourne final time table.

Friday 4th March.
Melbourne Showgrounds.

Click on the timetable below for the official Soundwave PDF to open in a new window.

Psyched for QOTSA as always! Also going to their sideshow (Thursday 3rd March). So many I want to see, Melvins (of course), Primus (it's been a while - mid 90's!), Fucked Up, The Bronx, Slash, Kylesa, Slayer, Monster Magnet (on a bit early team Soundwave?!?), maybe a few others... I'll definately have to check out Iron Maiden. I wont be able to see their whole set so hopefully I'll fluke hearing Number Of The Beast... yes, I know it's their "most well known" song, but it's fuckin awesome and I love it!!!

Missing loads of sideshows but with STP, Eddie Vedder solo and every KYUSS LIVES gig coming up, it's a monster effort ahead already!

Congrats to all the Triple J Unearthed Soundwave winners... especially the awesome Chainsaw Hookers for Perth! You guys kick massive arse !!!



Mandark615 said...

Guy, I sorta love you! Youve introduced me to some reallllly spiffy spectacular music...Thanks so very much. Especially for showing all those crazy vinyls esp, the RHCP one's those favs.

Good Rawk Hunting,

Something Sweet To Throw Away said...

Thanx MandyQ!

I got a bit carried away with the vinyl post, couldn't stop myself! Stoked you took the time to read through the monster that it is!