Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Muscle Car / Speed Demons @ the Tote.

Flood Relief 2011 @ the Tote.
Sunday 20th Feb, 2011.

An awesome day of killer bands and saucy burlesque with everyone donating their time to raise some much needed cash for those affected by the floods.

Their were quite a few punters keen to check out the day, sausage sizzle, beer, bands and burlesque - what else do you need? I must've walked in not long after the Cosmic Psychos had finished their set. I haven't seen them live for years. That would've been perfect.  The band room was pretty packed as a burlesque starlet strutted her stuff. While she was pouring potions and making cocktails, giggles and wolf whistles could be heard throughout the smiling crowd. I saw a couple of burleque dancers and they rocked it. Women all dressed up, from tattooed jungle queen to the cutest girl next door dream, they put on a show that sometimes even made the girls all blush!

Next up was the driving machine that is Muscle Car. They sounded the best I've ever heard them. Muscle Car is an understatment, Roadtrain is more appropriate. Rory's drums were a thundering giant hellbent on destruction. MC pride themselves on being loud. They were fuckin loud. It was awesome. Damo was on fire tonight, jumping around a bit more than usual and revving the hell out of the punters. There was a few friendly heckles referring to the band sounding somewhat familiar and although Damo likes to let everyone know they blatantly rip off Motorhead, which is also always worn with pride, the machine was more than well oiled and rockin their own sound. The band are tight, fast and come at you like a tornado. They are killer and well worth getting along to a gig to see them live. I would have liked to have heard James lead a bit louder at times, it looked like he might have been thinking the same thing. He plays some mean guitar so why not stick to the motto - play it loud! Dave's dreads are a weapon. He was rockin it too but I'd like to see him up against Puffy from Faith No More in a mosh to the death.

Muscle Car are about to begin writing and recording some new material... keep an ear out...

In the meantime, check out the live recording of "Sandra Sully" from the set. I just filmed it on my digital camera, not the best for footage, so keep that in mind as it not only loses quality but some of the fuckin rawk of pub rock guts and glory!!!

Speaking of which, have you ever seen the Speed Demons live? I hadn't and saw them setting up after Muscle Car. I was there to support the mighty Muscle Car but thought to myself that these old punkers look pretty intriguing. The kit looked like the Rising Sun had beat the shit out of Meg White's kit and appropriately won. It's owner like a smooth rockabilly dude wearing a slight smirk like he'd just set up a prank that no one else knew about yet. The bass player was tall and lean with a hint of nonchalant Uncle Fester about him. The guitarist was the guy who sparked my interest most. A slightly happily crazed looking old schooler covered in tatts, a mohawk that says "I'm here, but I've been there and done that so I don't need to be 6ft high and spike your eyes out to prove nothin". He was weilding an axe that Dimebag Darrell would've loved. I asked a mate about them and from what he said thought, yeah, I'll hang around for this.

The minute they started it was awesome. After seeing Muscle Car and then Speed Demons, it was like both of Motorhead's bastard son's had returned to the scene of the crime to burn the fuckin house down! This is the shit that all these pansy arsed 90's punk bands wished they sounded like. Fast and rough as guts. Smeer's vocal training has clearly been in the smokey pubs he's played in over the years yelling abuse at all the pretty girls that are too scared to go down the front. They killed it! I'd never heard them before but am 200% converted. With songs like Mutha Fuckin Trucka and Do You Wanna Fuck, who wouldn't love 'em!

As well as kick arse music, the on stage rants between songs were pretty funny. Yelling out at the girls to get down the front because "This is real no bullshit rock'n'roll! We are the sensational Speed Demons!". Yes you are. Fuck yeah!

I was spewin I couldn't find their merch slut after the set to pick up a CD, but Grant the bass player was no where to be found. Had a quick chat to Smeer after, cool guy that as well as playing in bands for 30 years, he's also been a tattooist for 24 yeats and currently works out of Taboo Tattoo in Blackburn.

Rub And Tug Records have released a live Speed Demons album 'Play Hard, Go Fast' as well as a live CD from Smeer's legendary 80's hardcore band Depression.

Muscle Car: Myspace // Facebook.
Speed Demons: Myspace // Facebook.

For more photo's of the gig, check out my Disgracebook page...

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