Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mammoth Mammoth, BUDD, King Parrot @ The Prague

KING PARROT play The Prague Friday 25th February.

I had to post this massive because it looks fuckin awesome!!!

If you haven't been to The Prague yet, you're in for a treat. It's not all about Fitzroy and Collingwood anymore if you want to rock out north of the city. It's moving further up the tram lines and out to where it's needed. Northcote Social Club has been crankin for some time, Thornbury Records has recently opened it's doors and The Prague has come a long way with its current booker. There are some shit hot bands playing and loads of space inside to take in whoever's killin it up on stage.

Saturday 12th saw Budd, Mammoth Mammoth, Devilrock Four and Battle Axe Howlers get the punters more than a little crazy. It was Battle Axe Howlers first gig and they brought their Sunbury crew down for one hell of a good time. Glasses were raised and friendly heckles were had. They rocked out and got the crowd wanting more. Devilrock Four were a little more polished and I didn't see most of their set but they had everyone rockin.

Once the mighty strength of Mammoth Mammoth hit the stage it was unquestionable that the rawk had us buy the throat. Featuring new bassist, Spliff Burton, their pub rock style of balls-in-your-back-pocket and swinging-from-the-rafters venue annihilation was well underway by the first riff. There was no cover of Kyuss' Green Machine this time round, just their own killer sounds to make you bang your head. Stoked that Engulfed By Flames found its way into the set. Shit hot song that features Mikey's vocals a little more than the usual and a kick arse drum solo by the bigger than Bonham beats of Bones.

Budd are always a force to be reckoned with. You need a chainsaw to cut through their sound. Chunky bass driven low end grooves that leave your ears bleeding and wanting more. These guys have had a loyal following since the early 90's and some of the old crew were there yelling out between songs for Chopsumfuckinwood and Petrol. OK so it was me yelling out for Chopsumfuckinwood... They didn't disappoint opening with Pivot, 12minusone and Venturi, all from 1998's Prana. Nothing unortunately from my fav, 1993's Yakfat. The epitome of all things bass driven with more bottom end than Kim Kardashian.

The Prague were awesome and know how to put on a good night. I'd be getting on down to check out some gigs and support the building northern scene. If we get to these venues and support them we can keep them going and getting shit hot bands to kill it live.

King Parrot is one of those bands.

They may be new on the scene but they know their shit. Featuring past and present members of some of the Australia's most kick arse pub bands, Bloodduster, Cockfight Shootout, The Wolves, Stiff Meat, Watchdog Discipline & The Berzerker. On their Facebook bio they say "The songs are short and hard delivered with blistering intent. Uncompromising. And they will stop at nothing to deliver a kick in the face." You can't ask for more than a broken nose.

Also playing are The Day Everything Became Nothing, Party Vibez and Maniaxe.

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The Prague
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