Friday, January 7, 2011

Queens Of The Stone Age

In an announcement that has made more than just a little bit of wee escape, Josh Homme has announced that during their 2011 Australian tour for their Soundwave sideshows QOTSA will be playing their 1998 debut self-titled album in its entirety!!! He revealed the news while on the phone to Triple J's the Doctor.

For me, that is FUCKIN AWESOME!
By far their greatest album to date!

Taken from the Triple J site:

On the phone to triple j's the Doctor, Josh Homme revealed that the band will be using the gigs to showcase their 1998 self-titled debut, which is just about to be re-released.

Homme got the idea when he saw legendary American rock band Cheap Trick on tour, playing their first three records from start to finish over consecutive nights.

"When we talked about re-releasing the first record again that's what we started talking about doing, these nights where you play the entire record. And a couple more songs too because there's only thirteen songs."

The Queens Of The Stoneage album has been out of print for the past few years but will be available again from January 11 on CD and vinyl. Homme said he's excited to share that music again with fans.

"I love that record and it's really special to me because I spent every penny I had on it. I didn't want a record label to tell me what I should and shouldn't do because it used to happen back then."

The album was recorded by the band's first incarnation, as a trio, so there'll be a few challenges presenting it with the expanded QOTSA line-up.

"We play as a 5 piece which is actually difficult for the first record because there's a lot not to do. What we're really doing is being really respectful of the first record, not embellishing it but kind of taking it back to exactly where it was."

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