Thursday, January 6, 2011

Linkin Park - What The Fuck?

I don't often bag out on bands and music because music is all just about taste. What I love you might hate. What I hate you might for some reason find interesting. It's all fair in rock'n'roll. Driving home just before we were listening to the radio, first mistake, and a Linkin Park song came on. I have no idea what it was and actually tried to find it before writing this but couldn't. It was some appalling high-school-musical end-of-year theme song that was about 3 beats off one of U2's lame pop songs minus the echo box. It was one of the most bland songs I have ever heard. I thought Linkin Park were a heavier band with some guts and attitude. While trying to find out what the song was called I found out I was drastically mistaken. I feel violated on too many levels. My poor ears will never be the same again. Thank god the Hoodoo Gurus came on after and kicked some arse!

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