Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hotel Wrecking City Traders wants your money!

Hotel Wrecking City Traders wants your money!

They're looking at releasing some new material on vinyl and are asking for those that love to help fund the project. Why not?!? It's an expensive venture and who wouldn't want one of their releases on vinyl in their collection? No one. The 2007 EP pictured left is one of the best releases from the last few years. Kick arse attitude with more balls than a footy team and considering they're only a two piece, that's fuckin awesome!

Check out for more info and how to donate.

Hotel Wrecking City Traders on: Myspace / Bandcamp
Bro Fidelity Records on: Myspace

"If Thor was the hero in an apocalyptic action movie, Hotel Wrecking City Traders would be his entrance music". Ash Easton - Blunt Magazine.

Enough said.

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Something Sweet To Throw Away said...

+ they're playing tomorrow night at the Arthouse with Earthless (USA) and the awesome Clagg !!!