Saturday, January 1, 2011



Whether you're reading this as it posts or you fall off the couch at 3pm and your face lands on your laptop and hits refresh... I hope you had an awesome night... and try to only remember what wont get you into trouble!

Thanx to everyone for an epic past year. It's been cool chatting with my old friends and I've met loads of awesome new friends through Something Sweet and Facebook. Chatting to many of you online and some in person. It's all about family, friends and sharing the rawk'n'roll !!!

As I sit here at 12:42am drinking Southern while typing this as my family try to sleep into the hot as hell New Year, I remember the year I've had.

I've had some highs and some massive lows. My constant has been the love of my family and friends and kick arse music. Thanx to Holly, Evie, Jaz, Fraidie and the rest of my family and friends. Thanx to all the bands that I dig for continuing to create music that I can escape in and that always blows my mind. A lot of you will know who you are without me listing everyone as I always share what I love. Special lml goes out to Mammoth Mammoth, Craig Westwood, Budd and Muscle Car.

Here's to another massive year and I look forward to where it takes me with my rockin family, friends and of course the KYUSS LIVES Australian Tour !!!

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