Friday, January 14, 2011


After having a 3 year run on the Tracey Ullman show, it wasn't until January 14th, 1990 that the first regular episode of The Simpsons went to air. Bart The Genius.

I don't have much to say about it all. It's either loved or hated. Loved by those with a sense of humour, style and sarcasm. Hated by those that wouldn't know what was meant by the Meanies singing "don't smile or you'll crack your face".

I just thought I'd share a few of my favourite Simpsons moments... there are way too many to mention them all!

Favourite quotes...
Homer - "You're cut too shushy" - Bart Star - 1997.
Homer / Bart - "You don't win firends with salad" - Lisa The Vegetarian - 1995.

Those that love the show will know these two!

Favourite guests...

(The Springfield Files - 1997)

Too awesome.
Is Gillian Anderson as hot in real life as she is as a cartoon... The geek in me says, damn straight!

Red Hot Chili Peppers
(Krusty Gets Kancelled - 1993)

This was extremely cool but who the hell is the imposter on the right... don't know that guy. Looks like a ring in wearing some of Flea's old Y Fronts... BOOO !!!!

Tony Hawk
(Barting Over - 2003)

They say you know you've made it when you get to guest on The Simpsons. I guess this meant skateboarding was finally accepted as a sport... ha ha... too funny, yeah whatever. Loved the mid-air duel!

The Ramones
(Rosebud - 1993)

This is a little addition for Damo. The Ramones kick arse and this episode was super cool completely because of these guys...

If any of this information is incorrect... eat my shorts.


Anonymous said...

The guy on the right on the RHCP picture is Arik Marshall, who filled in for JF on tour in 92/93.

Something Sweet To Throw Away said...

Thanx. I was being a smart arse as he had big shoes to fill but simply couldn't after John left. Hard enoug to fill Hillel's, and then to have to fill John's...