Saturday, January 1, 2011

Air Guitar on Freecycle...

There was a request post on Freecycle (a group to keep things out of landfill and to pass on to others who may want it) a couple of weeks ago. I orginally put up the post and of course I couldn't help myself and sent a reply...

Something Sweet original post.

Jackie sent a message out to everyone that replied and included all the replies she recieved... have to share, this is absolutely awesome!

"Many, MANY thanks to the vast number of people who not only HAD air guitars (and other assorted instruments) they no longer needed but who were also generous enough to offer them to me.
 I have always believed in the intrinsic goodness of mankind but this outpouring of kindness has been nothing short of overwhelming.
 As so many instruments were offered to me and I only need the one air guitar, I have copied below the various responses I received such that if there are others out there aspiring to air musicianship, you too may benefit from this wealth of offers.
 Bless all of you for your great spirit of giving and allow me to assure you, I will put the air guitar I select, to excellent use. I feel confident about my potential to learn an air instrument. At the risk of blowing my own trumpet (air or otherwise) I have often had references made to my natural connection to air. I have been called an air head and on many occasions, been told I am full of the stuff.
With deepest gratitude and I hope you enjoy the below offers as much as did I,
 I could offer a WiFi cable, but that's about it....
 I have one. I will leave it on my front step for collection. Hopefully no one steals it. It's a very good one, though well used through extensive rocking out to Hendrix, Metallica and Rage Against the machine.
 I have a Ibanez brand Air Guitar here for you if you like.  I'll leave it on the front porch might be a little hard to find given that it is invisible, just have a feel around and you should be able to find it.
 I have a radically awesome air guitar, but I am afraid I would never part with it. I am sure you will find one - especially when you are not trying to look.
 I read your request with interest, as we're looking for air guitars too! Sorry we can't help you find one- let me know how it goes for you!
 My son is an avid air drummer- he's nearly four, so we love this alternative! He may call his flailing arms drumming.
 I've got a set of air drums I don't use anymore, but no spare air guitars. Maybe you could take up the air kit instead, something to think about... Let me know, and I'll have a look for it, the problem with the airstruments is that they're pretty hard to find, especially when you haven't used them for a while, and they get all covered in dust and cobwebs...
 I really wish I saw your request a week ago. Unfortunately I gave my Rickenbacker air guitar to a mate who's gone on tour. I really wish I hadn't. I got an e-mail from him yesterday and the clown, stage dived while it was still strapped to him and he's broken the neck clean off the body. I'm shattered. The moves I busted out with that little baby in front of the mirror was pure rock'n'roll !!! Good luck and I hope one turns up for you. They are hard to find but I'm sure you'll see one somewhere!!! (My reply)
 Why, madam, I believe there is one in your unused wardrobe right now! I think I saw it there last time I didn't call round.
 Alternatively, you might find one in the large sack which forms part of the offering from "xp170pursuit".
 You are in luck! I have one- classic flying vee shape, bright red (they play louder!) Unfortunately it has been played a lot and has seen better days, but you are welcome to it.
 I have a couple of air guitars. You can take your pick.
  They are both invisible and intangible, which is handy as it will make it easier for me to teleport them to you.
 I have an amazing air guitar, built in wah pedal and facial contortions rack. I really don't use it anymore since I stopped drinking VB and listening to gold 104 so it's all yours. I'm in Zimbabwe but I'll just post it too you or I could hook you up on facebook.
 I have a spare Air Guitar, I also have a spare set of Air Drums.. playable only with Wooden Spoons though! And if you are really keen on the whole band experience you could always pick up an Air Microphone, aka Hair Brush… or even a can of Deodorant. I wish you well and please let me know when your first Air Gig is.
 And last but by no means least.....

I'd give you mine but it's currently in for repair after I set it alight
 during a blistering solo last Friday night.

Jackie xxxxxxxxxxx"

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