Thursday, December 23, 2010

Seedy Jeezus.

I have been told by a mate Chris to see Seedy Jeezus for a while, that they're a great band and well worth checking out. So many bands, so little time! Tonight I bit the bullet.

I have only spoken to Chris through Facebook but never met him in person. It was a blind mate gig date of sorts I guess?!? When I walked in the first band of the night were on, Silo. I caught the last few songs and they seemed to be an instrumental act other than the yeah's that were being sung now and again. Unless it all just sounded the same, who knows. These guys were great though and I'm going to keep an eye out for them. Some killer bass grooves, loved the sound with some finger picking atmospheric guitars over the top. Tight band.

I saw Chris and introduced myself, awesome meeting him face to face. We went out the back and chatted. He has amazing taste in music and is extremely passionate about it, completely dig that in people.

When Seedy Jeezus started we went in. It seems that they don't like being pigeon-holed as they intro'd a song with a story about a suggestion form someone of playing a cover as they sound like this or sound like that and hated it. They wrote a song the person would like. The song was something like Go Fuck Yourself. So I wont dare label them or compare them to anyone as I've just seen them for the first time and don't want to start off on the wrong foot. I already put my pants on tonight wrong leg first and am still freaking out about what may follow. On Myspace in the genre section they have written Psychedelic / Rock, fair description. Let's put it this way regarding their style and energy, you would expect to see John Bonham and Ian MacKaye sitting amongst the punters rocking the shit out of the joint.

Although they sounded killer, it didn't seem to be their night. Lex explained that his guitar was in pieces today to do some soldering and the new strings weren't worn in, it wouldn't stay in tune. He was tuning between songs, during songs and still singing, then he just stopped part way through and was getting frustrated. Asking Chris if his bass was tuned, yeah, I use a tuner, it's always right... Mark peers up with a goofy look on his face from behind his kit... I don't have to tune anything! I'm not sure if Lex's amp was playing up but he turned and gave it a boot at one stage as if to reconnect some loose wiring the Fonz style.

I was introduced to the band and chatted to them all after. Some of their friends and the bands themselves said it wasn't a great gig due to the dramas, that they've played much better. Who cares? I didn't. You could tell through out all that these guys are shit hot muso's with some kick arse material. They just don't sound like anyone else, they're way ahead of their time and they've only been playing gigs since June! If that's a bad gig you've got to put down your bean bag size packet of Twisties, get your hairy arse up off the couch and get down to one of their shows, you will be fuckin blown away!!!

They are playing tomorrow night, arr make that tonight, December 23rd at the Beiro Bar. 525 Little Lonsdale Street in Melb city. Free entry and playing with Seedy Jeezus are System Of Venus (who I am starting to here good things about) and Chico Flash.

Frank from Mammoth Mammoth was going to come down (yes Frank, the fudge is all eaten!!!) and said to say hi to the guys. I found out that Mammoth hooked up Seedy Jeezus with their first gig, as well as that Lex is also one of my fav Melb poster artists Mr Frumpy!!! Bizarro world! I also met the artist behind Devils Candy. Are you freaking kidding me? What a night... Met Chris in person, saw a kick arse band, met two artists that I really dig and have some of their work. Awesome. The Frumpy one I have I think is the Regurgitator poster pictured (+ his work at top for tonight's gig). Terrible when you have so many rolled up you can't remember. I really need to meet a framer and get into a bartering system. The Devils Candy I have are a Magic Dirt, Nebula and QOTSA plus there's a Magic Dirt I've been trying to get my hands on for years...+ a few others... yeah I don't have pictures on here but seriously, they're awesome!!

I love how music really does make the world go round, usually just at warp speed and crazy at times!
Seedy Jeezus site / Myspace / Facebook.

Thanx for an awesome night Chris, Silo, Seedy Jeezus and friends and apologies to The Super Guns who were playing to a rockin Old Bar but I missed them as I had to leave. lml

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