Saturday, December 11, 2010

Last 5 songs on Earth...

Was just thinking to myself if there were 5 songs left on Earth what would I want them to be. To play over and over, to never get sick of, to always take me to another place. The first 5 that came to me were in this order...

Jane's Addiction - Three Days.
We talk about songs that take us on a journey, that transform our mind, our body and take us to another place entirely. We fall into the sound, the space that it creates. It was a dream come true hearing this song live for the first time. Standing in front of Jane's and seeing them on the same plane, the room full of love. I closed my eyes, I could feel the weight disappear and I totally gave myself away. Completely giving my hole soul over to them, for them to do with it as they will. Does this sound a bit much? For those of you who have truly given your whole self to what you are hearing you know what I mean. That room was one. It was perfect. It was beautiful. This song is everything a song should be and more. "All of us with wings..."

Magic Dirt - Redhead.
This song stands for everything 90's Australian music was all about to me. It rocks, it's feels free and easy to listen to, it's got a great riff and played by some of Australia's best muso's. Magic Dirt are my all time favourite Australian band. I used to go into my local record store in Manly every day waiting for this to come out. Every day. It was running late and after seeing Magic Dirt live for the first time I was fully committed after that first strum. Killer riffs, meandering and hypnotical, feedback that soothed the soul. I was wearing a t-shirt that said "I HATE SCHOOL". As soon as I walked in the front door after that gig I added under it "But I love the girlie from Magic Dirt".

John Frusciante - Big Takeover (Bad Brains).
I fell in love with the Chili Peppers through their craziness and by way of Hillel. Sadly he left us way too early. His influences and passion for music lead myself and his successor to even more amazing music, by way of Mother's Milk and Blood Sugar Sex Magik. John Frusciante's early solo work is lost, fractured and at times so random and removed from reality. He took following in Hillel's footsteps too literally and the drugs lead him in this direction. Though it nearly killed him, it brought us some amazingly beautiful music. In between those broken thoughts and scattered dreams also lay a peace and quiet that I could still feel. John has never played his guitar, it has always played him. Lead him where it wants him to go. To me he is the most amazing musician ever.

Kyuss - Big Bikes.
This is Kyuss full blown in all their glory. The dirt, the guts and the attitude. Haulin' down the highway and it's pure rawk'n'roll the entire way. I like it dirty and I like it mean. This is the shit. Wretch is their best album by far. It's got the grit, it's not overdone, it's not cleaned up and mastered all radio friendly. The bass is fatter than Albert and it knocks you on your arse. If I could have any musical wish in the world, it would be to go back in time and be all fuzzed out at one of their generator parties.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blackeyed Blonde.
The first time I heard the Red Hot Chili Peppers was hearing this song in the background of Thrashin'. Straight away I was like "Who the hell is this and where the hell do I get it?!?!?" That was the beginning of my Chili Peppers obsession right there. That first moment was awesome! I was buzzing from the funk, the punk, the mayhem and the lunacy in their musi and lyrics! Drawn right into their entire world. I had been collecting music already for years but after hearing this track is when it became obsessive and I had to have everything by them. Every record store I went straight to "R". I lived in a country town at the time and was known as "the guy in the Red Hot shirt". This song will always be close as it introduced to me a much wider world. "But let me tell you little boy she'll clean your clock"!

Normally in my posts I include links to everything, I check for spelling errors but this is off the top of my head. If there are any mistakes, oh well.... that's cool.

Please go off and think of your 5 off the top of your head, crank them loud and write down the first things that come to mind. Paste them in the comments section below. I'd love to read what your outcome is... Thankyou for reading mine. I've reached the end of the bottle of Southern and it's now 1:33am. I'm off to bed and I'm going to be rockin out in my sleep! lml

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