Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Freecycle - Air Guitar!

I couldn't help but laugh just a little too much out loud when I recieved my usual e-mail update from Melbourne Freecycle this evening. Up near the top was this little ripper amongst some of the usual more mundane posts...

"Hi, I am seeking an air guitar and wondered if anybody has one lying around they no longer need. As I have never learned before, I do not need a very good one like a Fender; just anything playable will do. Am willing to travel up to 400 KM. Many thanks, G-d bless and wishes for safe and happy holidays, Jackie"

Of course I couldn't help but e-mail a reply...

"Hi Jackie,

I really wish I saw your request a week ago. Unfortunately I gave my Rickenbacker air guitar to a mate who's gone on tour. I really wish I hadn't. I got an e-mail from him yesterday and the clown stage dived while it was still strapped to him and he's broken the neck clean off the body! I'm shattered! The moves I busted out with that little baby in front of the mirror were pure rock'n'roll !!! Good luck and I hope one turns up for you. They are hard to find but I'm sure you'll see one somewhere!!!

Have a rockin Christmas!


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