Thursday, December 2, 2010

Eddie Vedder Solo...

Sometimes in life you come to a fork in the road. You umm and arr over which path to take. Should I go this way, this might happen, but if I go that way then this might happen. We can't worry about every little thing that might happen every day of our lives or we just wont live them!

So I just can't be concerned that my beautiful wife has already purchased tickets for the Eddie Vedder solo show for the Palais Theatre in Melbourne. I know it was a close call when Pearl Jam were here last time and she got a kiss on the cheek but I am sure Eddie is an honoable man and will not try and go to second base. But just to be sure... I'll tag along to the gig anyway...

Ten Club members presale went on sale today! They sold out in seconds. The quietly spoken and charmed front man of Pearl Jam will I'm sure fill the Palais with great music but also the love that most hold for him. There is definately something about the man that just makes you proud to be in his presence.

When Pearl Jam last toured we hung around after the gig and Eddie stopped his car and got out and spoke to us. My wife, myself and two good friends. There were only the four of us. We were pre-warned, "please don't ask for photo's or autographs". Eddie came over and gave each of us a bear hug and that feeling inside, that warmth you feel for family, for life-long friends just erupts out by way of a grandiose smile. You know you are in the presence of someone great, not just due to his music but just his personality overcomes you with a sense of strength of character. He may be a quiet man and softly spoken when off stage but he held our attention and sometimes even greater with the pauses between his words.

I am intrigued to see how his solo set will go. I think it will be a beautiful moment in time. A powerful moment and one that we will all hold dear. There is no need to wonder about rockin songs or chilled out numbers, just that Eddie will be on stage in Australia once more. I hadn't seen Pearl Jam since the early 90's previous to the last tour and from what I remember of that rockin gig I think not only can the band still kick arse but Eddie's vocals are even better. The subtlties and way he uses his voice, the howls and screams, the emotion, the strength and the softly spoken words.

Back in the day I loved the band, played their music a lot but seem to have slowly slipped away from their sound for quite a few years until the recent rejuvenation. I'm stoked to be going. Possibly not quite as much as my wife!

If you aren't thinking about getting EV solo tickets, think again. I know it will be awesome.

I did however find it quite ironic that the tickets were sold through Ticketmaster!

For more info check out the Pearl Jam site...

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Something Sweet To Throw Away said...

Palais Theatre.

Thursday, 24th Mar 2011
Friday, 25th Mar 2011

Doors: 7:30pm
Show: 8:00pm - Evil J & Saint Cecilia
8:30pm - Interval
9:00pm - Eddie Vedder
11:00pm - The End

* please note times are approx and subject to change *


2 hours of Eddie!!! You gotta love that !!!