Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Water Pipe Cult

You've gotta love Disgracebook. Yeah yeah, you get random people finding you from 25 years ago that you didn't speak to then so why would you want to know that their dog Rufus licks his balls all day long and see photo's of their holiday in the country... BUT the amount of awesome artists, photographers and new friends that I've made has been awesome! Love it! Especially dig the amount of new music I find out about! Disgracebook is a networking marvel!

Last nights new discovery for me is a "Dutch Pop / Indie / Southern Rock" band called Water Pipe Cult. With rockin guitars and a vocal style that reminds me of early Magic Dirt or Colleen Fitzpatrick from Eve's Plum.

Now to go and try and track down some WPC!!!

Check out Water Pipe Cult on Myspace / Facebook.

Awesome photo is "borrowed" from WPC's Facebook page...

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