Thursday, November 18, 2010

Updating Melbourne gigs...

Hey Something Sweeters...

I recently added a Melbourne gig calendar to the blog and have been adding up and coming shows. If you would like something added please feel free to e-mail me at thelastmillionaire @ (no spaces - I hate spambots!).

If you have any CD's / vinyl / demo's you would like reviewed... you can contact me through the same e-mail for postage details...

Tonight in Melbourne:

lml Metallica lml
Zebra Seven @ Ding Dong (Features Dave Sirianni ex-Pass Outs)
Dan Sultan @ The Hi-Fi.

Remember to also become a follower on the page... the Facebook group is building but also recently added a followers section on the page! Let me know who is reading and feel free to leave your comments!

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