Sunday, November 14, 2010

SKATE HARD Compilation.

Skate Hard Compilation
1989 – CBS.

This is one of the greatest compilations ever made. Actually, easily the best! 2 reasons, for the kick arse music and just because it's called Skate Hard!

Originally I just had the cassette. Given to me by my parents for a birthday present back when it came out in the day. They wouldn't have known any of the bands, just purely as I skated, they owned a surf / skate store and would've thought, he'll love it! And I did! Was already into some of these bands so it was perfect! I played the hell out of that tape!!!

Up until recently I didn't even know it was made in any other format other than cassette until a mate told me he had it on CD! I was stoked! So a mission began to try and track it down on CD! Soon after he came down from Brisbane and brought it with him so I could burn a copy, save me the task of tracking down the songs I didn't have elsewhere or even possibly the painful job of converting the cassette to CD! We went to Essendon Record Fair that same weekend. I had posted about it on DisgraceBook and another mate who was already at the fair had found it on LP! Stoked! Vinyl!!! Bought it for sure! Then in the mail a couple of days ago my Brissy mate sent me a parcel down for my birthday and inside was a copy on CD he'd found!

Now I've got (what I hope to be) the complete set!!!

Thanx Matt & Damo for your help!

Now to find a promo poster....

No reviews for every song, just get off your arse and track down a copy or look up the bands you don't know and rock the hell out!

Splat One
1. Ratcat – Go Go
2. Living Colour – Cult Of Personality
3. Screaming Tribesmen – Date With A Vampyre
4. Kryptonics – Trapped Inside
5. The Godfathers – She Gives Me Love
6. Celibate Rifles – Society
7. 24-7 Spyz – Pillage
8. Ya Ya Choral – Hit
9. Hitmen – I Don’t Mind

Crash Two
1. Hard-Ons – Don’t Wanna See You Cry
2. Proton Energy Pills – Symmetry
3. Massappeal – Balance
4. Voodoo Lust – Jezebel
5. Ozzy Osbourne – Miracle man
6. Cosmic Psychos – Lost Cause
7. Hellmenn – Out Of Control
8. Psychotic Turnbuckles – Albuerque (Wild Scenes)
9. The Splatterheads – Split In Twain


jason said...

having a hard time tracking down the cd do u have any suggestions

Something Sweet To Throw Away said...

Hey... Just saw your comment. Scour eBay constantly and hit the record fairs, any second stores around. It's a mission but I'm stoked I've got the set!!!

Caroline said...

I have had this cd since it came out, I love it heaps. My problem is, I have played it so much that my computer won't read it and I can't put it on itunes, so I am searching for a better version!

Something Sweet To Throw Away said...

Don't give up Caroline! Hopefully it still works in CD players...